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Retrieval Technology in Exhibition Stands for Event Management Companies

Author: Vision Next
by Vision Next
Posted: Feb 16, 2020

Exhibitors spend a good wealth on exhibitions during a trade show, so being able to find a number of prospective customers and leads would deliver them with assessable ROI. Many use outmoded methods of capturing, like collecting business cards or taking down notes; but there are a lot of things that could go wrong in going traditional. At the rush hours of the event, it is difficult to keep track of people visiting trade show booth.

That is where lead repossession technology comes in for exhibition stand builders. It replaces the traditional means to provide you, as event decorators in Dubai, with a way to connect better with your partners who display at your event management companies. You could provide them with a concrete way to measure their ROI, and help them generate and succeed leads easily.

Here is why lead retrieval technology is essential in exhibition stands for your trade show:

Faster, cheaper, easier

There are3 billion smartphone users across the world today; so it would be shrewd to communicate with prospective leads using the technology they use in exhibition stands.

Why resort to traditional methods that elongate the process, when you can do it with a simple QR code scan? Instead of trying to collect business cards and marking down your impression on the person you met or important information they told you about themselves hastily, using a lead retrieval app would ease the process of capturing and qualifying the leads.

Simply, exhibition stand builders and event management companies just scan the attendee’s badge when they visit the booth, and their registered information (name, job title, company) would automatically be saved on the app.

Conventional methods of capturing and lead retrieval for exhibition stand builders seem low-priced, but that’s just in the short run. When you think of it, all the money spent on trade shows during an event goes to waste if there are no qualified leads generated from the exhibition stands. Using lead retrieval would notably cut down on paper and on errors.

More insight about each lead

After an encounter with a potential lead, we sometimes feel like there is some missing information that we should have asked about to make a valid judgment about the person.

Really good lead retrieval apps allow exhibition stand builders to pre-set questions they feel are essential to ask a potential lead and record their answers as a part of the qualifying process. Using preset questions helps standardize the procedure so that all leads are judged by the same criteria, no matter which team member is qualifying them using exhibition stands.

So instead of just having a name, a job title and the basic contact information, exhibitors get a significant insight about each lead they met, so that the filtration process is facilitated and potential clients are identified easier.

Build meaningful connections

How do all of these benefits serve you as event management companies or exhibition stand builders? Well, the gladder your exhibitors are during and after your event planning, the better chance you have of upholding long-term partnerships with the same exhibitors or even developing new ones that are inspired by the success of your event.

Why is Lead Retrieval essential for your Exhibition Stands?

Lead retrieval applications are an influential tool in today’s ecosystem where networks are everything. You turn attendees into prospects, and prospects into leads, which give the gear needed to establish a relationship with clienteles.

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