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Which Type of Cover is meant for Your Swimming Pool?

Author: Spear Swimming Pool
by Spear Swimming Pool
Posted: Feb 17, 2020

Generally, the swimming pools are left unused during the winter season. You should give more attention to the covering of the pool and the type of pool cover to use. When the temperature and leaves start to drop, it is better to winterize and cover the pool to keep the water protected.

You must consider using a high-quality pool cover for protecting the pool from harsh weather conditions and debris during the winter. So, if you are still thinking of reasons to buy a pool cover, then let's discuss the main benefits of covering your pool.

Swimming Pool Cover Benefits

Covering your swimming pool can offer numerous benefits for your pool and your family. Generally, depending on the type you use, pool covers can help your home:

l Reduce the risk of accidental drowning.

l Conserve water by reducing evaporation.

l Reduce chemical consumption by reducing water evaporation.

l Save time on maintenance by allowing less debris in the pool.

l Pool requires less vacuuming.

l Reduce the energy costs of heating the pool water.

l Maintain a better pool water temperature at night.

Different Swimming Pool Cover Options

There are many options for pool owners to get the proper covers for their swimming pool. It is important to understand the properties of all the covers and select the right one which fulfills your pool's requirements.

Winter pool covers

The winter pool covers are generally used to cover your pool for seasonal closings and to protect your pool from temperature extremes and debris. They are secured by water bags or weights and will not hold the weight of children, pets or heavy debris, so they cannot be used as protection against slips and other accidents. However, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Automatic pool covers

In the case of automatic covers, you can open and close the pool cover with the push of a button. They are extremely easy to use and are much more secure, so they can be used as protection against accidents. They usually need to be installed by professionals and have tracks to guide them when opening and closing.

The automatic pool covers come with a higher price tag, but are well worth the investment. They can also extend your swimming season in all types of climates by keeping the heat in your pool and preventing evaporation.

Hidden pool covers

If you are looking for a cover that is not visible when retracted, hidden pool covers might be the right choice for you. Hidden pool covers are available in automatic, semi-automatic or manual models. They can be tucked away in a stand-alone housing or a secure cantilevered area of the pool, which makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

Thermal pool covers

The thermal pool covers act as a blanket with an insulating material to keep heat in the water. They also protect your pool from the sun, reducing the chance of algae. It’s important to know they don’t heat the water, but they retain the heat in the water very effectively. These also require professional installation and are one of the best ways to insulate your pool.

Solar pool covers

The solar pool covers are the least expensive and easy-to-use pool cover. They can be installed by the pool owner and are essentially a bubble wrap blanket that is very lightweight. They absorb the sun’s rays to heat the pool during the day while keeping the heat from escaping at night. They are simple, efficient and only require one person to cover and uncover the pool.

Safety pool covers

These pool covers are specially designed for the protection of kids and pets and keep them away from accidental drowning. The straps are secured by springs and anchors in the pool deck. The safety pool covers are mainly available in mesh and solid vinyl materials. When in doubt for the best cover, consult a professional pool company for selecting the right one.


Pool covers are an essential accessory of any pool and they help you minimize both time and money required for pool maintenance. Using a pool cover is considered as one of the best ways to prevent your pool water from evaporating into thin air.

You may be surprised but studies state that pool covers prevent water evaporation by up to 95% and keep your pool water clean. Keeping your pool covered also reduces the amount of chemical usage by eradicating chemical evaporation into the atmosphere.

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