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How to prepare your children for their first communion?

Author: Jaylin Khan
by Jaylin Khan
Posted: Feb 22, 2020
first communion

First Holy Communion is a religious ceremony that a catholic child goes through at the ages of seven and thirteen. This is the event on which the child accepts the Eucharist (bread and wine) for the first time in the church in the presence of his close ones who act as witnesses. This marks his start of a deep connection with the Catholic Church.

So, as parents you need to have certain information about a first communion before taking your child through one. The first communions generally take place on the Sunday after Easter as it has a close connection with the Eucharist. However, with permission and can be done anytime at the local parish. The Holy Communion takes place in front of the people who are closely associated to your child, so make your list of invitees ready in order to send first communion invitations. Remember to maintain a proper and modest dress code for the ceremony and your child should also dress up soberly and still stand out of the crowd, as it is his special day.

There are certain lessons your child should endure before he walks up to take his First Communion.

  • ATTENDING SUNDAY MASSES: The Sunday Masses set up a religious mindset into your child. He will get used to the environment in a church and also know the manners. Also, listening to the words of the Gospel creates a positive effect in his mind. He will learn the value of Eucharist by seeing the elders before he receives his first.
  • EXPLAIN THE MEANING OF EUCHARIST: The Eucharist is said to consist of the blood, body and soul of Jesus Christ which he has sacrificed for the well being of his children on earth. Your child needs to understand that there is presence of the Lord in the Eucharist and that it is no mere bread and wine.
  • DO NOT LET HIM GET SWAYED: It is very natural for a child of that tender age to get attracted to the pompous part of the ceremony. But prepare him mentally and make him concentrate on the real reason of the ceremony, the First Communion. Do not let him get swayed away in the glamour and gifts of the party that you have planned for him.
  • MAKE HIM PRACTICE HOW TO RECEIVE: Run trial sessions of how he has to receive the Eucharist on the final day so that he does not experience any kind of nervousness. Teach him to accept his communion with reverence. Make him place his palms in such a way as if he is receiving The King. Teach him to say "Amen" with a firm belief in his voice which shows his strong trust in God.
  • BE THANKFUL FOR COMMUNION: Communion is the purest way in which one can reach heaven. So starting from his first time let his every communion be sacred and teach him to be thankful for the chance to purify his body and soul with the help of God. It is one of the most important events of life.

With all of this done your child will be better prepared for the time they get for their catholic confirmation when then become a young teenager.

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