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Jaylin Khan

Member since: Jan 25, 2019
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3 Cheap and Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Semi Truck for Summer

The aftermarket world includes several parts which offer to give your truck a better look and performance, some touting better masculinity and femininity as per your gender. While it’s true the...

Articles > Automotive > Trucks Apr 04, 2019
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3 Ways to Ensure You’re Getting the Best Skip Bin Hire Prices

Getting rid of waste can be a pain. It’s almost always a messy job and can be a physically-intensive activity on top of being occasionally disgusting. What’s more, it’s the type of work that has to be...

Articles > Home & Garden > Cleaning Dec 11, 2019
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5 Entertainment Stocks to Watch

The stock market can be a crazy place. For example, think about the retail investors taking on Wall Street giants in the hedge funds GameStop news. This was big and people followed the story closely...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Movies May 25, 2022
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5 Must Include Value-Added Services for Your Ecommerce Business

Based on statistics, there are about 1.3 million eCommerce companies in the USA and Canada, as well as around 12 million to 24 million eCommerce websites in the world. With the growing competition and...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Services Dec 19, 2019
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5 Things to Do Immediately Post a Truck Accident

If you get into an accident, it is essential to take steps to protect yourself and your legal rights. Truck accidents can be severe, and it is necessary to have a plan for what to do after an...

Articles > Legal & Law > Personal Injury May 24, 2022
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5 Videos Downloading Apps Online for You to Have a Look

We always have smartphones in your hands and technology has come so much closer to us. We are now surrounded by so many videos online and there are so many apps which allow you to watch videos online...

Articles > Computers > Software Dec 04, 2019
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A Beginners Guide to Designing a Great Website

We are currently living in the digital age where a professional website is a must-have. Many businesses can no longer ignore the fact that the majority of their customers are online. Research shows...

Articles > Internet > Web Design Oct 19, 2020
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Animal Rights Activism in America

In the current world we are living in, many families eat meat daily, buy leather products daily, go to zoos, and even circuses. Many buy pets and keep them at home while others trap beautiful birds...

Articles > Animals & Pets > Exotic Animals Oct 02, 2020
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Aws Certifications Introduction

Until January, 2020, Amazon AWS has 11 exams of different levels, covering basic, associate and professional level respectively as well as independent specialized level. Besides, AWS established a...

Articles > Reference & Education > International Studies Apr 16, 2021
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Bringing in a Natural Look to Homes

Our homes are where we spend most of the time, and for that reason, it should be comfortable and beautiful. In most cases, our homes will define who we are and what we love most. Whether it is...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Jan 06, 2021
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Business Analyst Vs Scrum Master

Business analysts and Scrum masters are essential roles for teams that run an agile program. They usually require similar abilities but differ in use and expression. That's where the confusion about...

Articles > Business & Careers > International Business Sep 29, 2022
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CA Vs Acca: 5 Difference You Should Know

With the employment situation shifting so drastically, obtaining merely a university degree is considered a fundamental requirement, placing you on equal ground with everyone else. If you only have a...

Articles > Reference & Education > Learning Disabilities Dec 30, 2021
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Can Online Short Courses and Learning Be the Future of Education?

As a global operation has adjusted to new ways of socializing, working, and studying, based on the impact that the famous coronavirus has brought upon us, to be more intriguing about the newer...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Feb 07, 2022
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Cities for First-Time Home Buyers Offer Affordability and More

Buying your first home is like stepping onto a new planet—exciting, daunting, and filled with unknowns. It's a journey of financial commitment, but also a leap towards stability and personal space...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Services Apr 02, 2024
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Common Reasons for Getting Quick Online Loans in the UK

Financial crises do not warn before befalling and can turn your life upside down. However, luckily quick loans can help you provide instant money for your needs without any complicated processes...

Articles > Finance > Loans Jun 14, 2021
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Jaylin is a Staff Writer for Bizmaa focusing on business analytics, business systems, gadgets and other small business news. She has a background in information and communications technology coordination.