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Bringing in a Natural Look to Homes

Author: Jaylin Khan
by Jaylin Khan
Posted: Jan 06, 2021
natural products

Our homes are where we spend most of the time, and for that reason, it should be comfortable and beautiful. In most cases, our homes will define who we are and what we love most. Whether it is Christmas or Halloween, we will always want our houses decorated to suit the year all around. House decorating has been on for many years, and the trends continue to evolve as people get more diverse. A person who travels a lot will be exposed to many ideas and later bring ideas to their houses.

One of the most sophisticated ways of interior decorating is by using natural products. It does not just bring beauty, but also brings a sense of ecological friendliness. Whether it is on our tables, floors, doors, and windows, there are ways we can incorporate the naturally available products for decoration. People who love the natural look also go the extra mile to have furniture, fixtures, and finishing all done using natural materials. In this article, we will look at the natural products that we are bringing into the interior decor.

Natural products used in interior decoration

1. Wood

Wood is one of the most used natural products that has been used for decoration over the years. Different trees provide different types of wood for doors. The colors also differ depending on the type of tree. Some of the trees that produce wood for interior design are:

  • Pine trees
  • Maple trees
  • Oak trees
  • Alder trees
  • Balsam poplar trees

The wood can be used in making natural furniture, wood flooring, wood window frames, and other house fittings in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

2. Seashells

A visit to the beach will allow you to collect shells. Some shells are small and others big. All shells can be used to decorate. Big shells are mostly cleaned, dried, and left placed on the tables, bookshelves, or fittings in the bathroom or the study table. Small shells can also be used as accessories for wooden hangings, photo frames, lampshades, wall hangings, and candle stands.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo trees are readily available, and they are used for decorating purposes in the house. Bamboo brings the outdoor feeling to the house, making it more ecologically friendly and comfortable. Bamboo can be used in the following ways:

  • As split bamboo wall d├ęcor
  • As furniture such as bed headboards
  • As dividers such as dining room dividers
  • As shutters or blinds for windows
  • As a flooring material

4. Marble and other stones

Marble has been used for years as a material for interior decor. It has been used to accessorize walls, floors and make furniture in houses. In the kitchen, it is mainly used for the countertops and the backsplashes, as it is beautiful and easy to clean. In the bathrooms, marble is used for the flooring and the walls. Travertine has also been one of the materials greatly used in decoration. Other stones, such as bricks, are also used to bring a natural look to houses.

5. Sea-grass

Seagrass is also another natural product that is used to decorate homes. The grass can be used to make rugs, mats, baskets, and hats used as part of the decor at home. Seagrass grows near or in water bodies, and, therefore, it is easily accessible.

6. Rattan and wicker

You have probably seen woven furniture in some houses. Woven chairs or sofas can be used as decoration in houses. It does not just bring the beauty aspect, but also the environmental friendliness. The sofas are comfortable and long-lasting. Such kinds of furniture are also a great idea when used in the patio or the backyard where people can relax.

7. Leather

Animal skin is used to manufacture leather, which can be used to decorate houses. Other animals, such as snakes and alligators, also produce high-grade leather. Leather is used to make furniture, souvenirs, and wall hanging covers.

Eco-friendly decor gives houses a more sophisticated and executive look. That is what we all want for our houses, isn't it? Other natural products like feathers, iron made sculptures, and plants are used to accessorize the beauty.

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