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Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Blog Traffic

Author: Nikesh Aryan
by Nikesh Aryan
Posted: Feb 25, 2020
site speed

This article is totally unique to my other blog article because in this article I share my blogging life all advanced seo Techniques. Yes in this post I will share 101 latest seo Techniques and that will boost your blog traffic. These all strategies are working this time and these all are in white hat seo.

so let’s start the post without waisting time.

boost your site speed

site speed is a very important seo strategy and Technique. last year google update his algorithm and they say now site speed is important for seo. because if site speed is slow so the User experience has a bad effect and visitors waste their time in loading. and google never want their user to feel boring on the web. and google also says their purpose is to provide good content to users. so focus on-site speed from today. if you don’t know how to speed up your website so for information.

invest in blogging

when any new person starts a blog then they do not invest in blogging they think first I earn from blogging then I invest in blogging. this is wrong because when you invest in anything then you return from them. if you buy a good domain name and hosting then your search engine ranking will be improved and you build a brand for your Bussines.

when you buy a domain and hosting so you have more chance to rank on google because you got seo plugins and themes and many more here. so I think investing in blogging is a seo Technique because by investing in blogging you improve your ranking on google.

use LSI keywords

LSI full form is Latent Semantic Indexing and it is the related keyword of our main keyword. for example, my main keyword is seo and the LSI keyword is content seo, blog seo, website seo in the simple words when we use different keywords but their meaning is one then they called LSI keywords.

benefits of LSI keywords

if we use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in our post then if any person searches seo then they show our result and if they search blog seo, website seo then they also see our result. means our post is ranked on two different keywords so this technique is to improve your seo ranking.

learn 5 posts daily related to SEO

in the seo, world learning is that key using which you can do anything in seo. for example, if you read 5 posts daily related to seo and in each post, you learn one new point means in a day you learn 5 new techniques of seo and in a month you learn 150 new strategies of seo.

and if you learn already learned point then This will make you repeat and you remember those points again. this seo technique makes you a seo expert.

use eye-catching keywords in the title

if you create a boring title like – seo – a to z guide for beginners so I don’t think more people will click on it but if you write a title like – seo – the ultimate guide for beginners so here more chances to click on the title. so use eye-catching keywords in the title like 101 tips for, the ultimate guide for, case study, paid in free, these are some eye-catching words. if you want more then first think like a user and then create a unique title.

document sharing

many times you see on Facebook that people are selling free courses like digital marketing, affiliate marketing and many more.

they give one site link when you open site they ask for email which at they send you full course link.

this the way to sharing a document and their only one motive and that is collecting emails of users who are interested in that field.

and when they write any post and launch any paid course then they are sending emails to those users who are buying that free course.

by using this their users are increases and also their social sharing and many more thing will be improved and also their ranking will be improved.

use numbers in the title

this is a very unique and profitable seo technique for new and old bloggers because by doing this your CTR is improved.

why you come to my post I think the reason "numbers" and that is 101 when you read title 101 seo techniques so you think that something different from others.

I don’t say use numbers like 4,5,10 etc. I mean to say that use big numbers like 25, 51, 81, 101, etc.

when you use big numbers so people are click because they think not all but some techniques are different from others because you use a big number.

if your post ranked in 5th position then you easily got 1st and 2nd position because when your CTR increased then your ranking also increased.

don’t use black hat SEO

in the black hat seo, you use wrong ways of seo for rank your post on google like paid backlinks, PBN, keyword stuffing, keyword hiding, etc.

Google never like that blogs who use the black hat seo techniques because of google algorithm are very strong.

and if you are using those techniques so google any time penalize your blog so don’t use it. by the black hat seo your ranking will be improved for some time but any time that ranking removed for all time.

use Favicon

favicon is a small logo of your brand. see above on my article link you see NA so this is my brand logo.

and google also says in his recently update favicon is a ranking factor and There is a way to remember your brand.

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Hy my self Nikesh Aryan and I'm a digital marketer and my website ink is where I share article related to seo, blogging, content writing etc.

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