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Techniques of Hair transplant in Mumbai

Author: Vaibhav Shah
by Vaibhav Shah
Posted: Mar 02, 2020

Hello, guys, I am Dhiraj Gupta. I am 27 years old it professional from Mumbai. I have done great research on Different techniques of hair transplantation in Mumbai. My soul purpose to write this particular blog is to make you aware of the Different techniques of hair transplantation in Mumbai.

As the baldness or the male pattern hair loss is very common I was also suffering from the same. When I started doing Google about the hair transplantation surgery in Mumbai I have come to know that there are many techniques and different Technology for hair transplants in Mumbai.

Almost all other clinics are doing a different technique for the best possible results.

Also, each clinic all claims that their technique is superior to the technique of other clinics.

So I have done a great survey in more than 22 clinics of a Mumbai who used to claim a different and unique technology or technique for hair transplantation surgery.

The research I have divided into the following category

Aim of the survey

Material and methods of the research


My aim of this particular study is to find out the best technique for the hair transplant in Mumbai.

Material and method- I personally have visited over twenty-two different clinics in Mumbai who claims different and unique technique for hair transplant in Mumbai. After their explanation has concluded my conclusion.

Let's talk about the different methods of hair transplantation surgery

Strip method for the FUT method- strip method is considered to be one of the oldest techniques for hair transplantation surgery. In a strip method from the donor area, the strip is removed and closure is done with the stitches. Once they have a complete strip of a Donor area under the microscope hair graft is being dissected and separated.

Advantage of the method- it is one of the time tested methods. The complete procedure is done under the vision. It is one of the fastest methods for hair transplant surgery as one can do 3000 grafts in just 2 to 3 hours.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) method- in this particular method the graft is harvested using a micro punch. The size of this particular micro punch ranges from 1 millimeter to 1.2 Millimeter.

Advantage of follicular unit extraction method- most common technology and there are no stitches into the donor area.

Bio -Follicular unit extraction method- in bio stimulated follicular extraction method of a hair transplant after the harvesting and before the implantation of a hair graft the graft is being kept into the platelet-rich plasma solution.

Advantage of bio stimulated follicular unit extraction method- as the graft is stored into the platelet-rich plasma of blood it gives a better survival rate to the grafts.

Direct hair implantation method- in direct hair implantation method of a hair transplant surgery the graft is immediately implanted after the harvesting. Generally, there are two to three hours of a gap between implantation and harvesting while indirect hair implantation there is only 45 minutes gap between harvesting and implantation of the graft.

Advantage of direct hair implantation- the advantage of direct hair implantation is a better survival of aircraft as it is not outside the body for a longer duration.

Aesthetic hair implantation- in aesthetic hair implantation the graft is being harvested using a small micro punch. In the follicular unit extraction method of hair transplant the size of a micro. Above 1 millimeter while in the aesthetic hair implantation method of hair transplant the size of a punch is 0.7 0.9 millimeter.

Advantage of aesthetic hair implantation- as the size of a harvesting instrument is really small there is little or minimal scarring on the donor area which also helps to have better healing in less time.

Modified hair implantation- in modified hair implantation after the harvesting of graft it is kept into the hypothermal solution. Such a hypothermal solution considered to be the best solution to keep any organ.

Advantage of modified hair implantation- as there is extra care is taken for the preservation of graft the graft has a better survival rate after the transplantation in written which gives better results to the patient for the hair transplantation surgery.

Anagen Q plus technique- in this particular technique of hair transplantation after giving the local anesthesia to the donor area the scoring of graft is done. It means the graft is being separated from the adjacent issue but not taken out from the donor area. Once the complete scoring is done after 40 minutes craft is taken out from the donor area. By doing this one always makes sure the graft is into its actual area for the maximum time.

Advantage of anagen q plus a technique of hair transplant- in this technique as well the outside body time which is also called the Window period. Which is the time between the harvesting of a graph and implantation of graft is minimized by the surgeon. By doing such technical changes one can ensure the better survival of the graft.

Conclusion- I am not a medical professional. I have made a genuine attempt to understand and to make it simpler in front of you so you can take the best possible decision for your hair transplant surgery in Mumbai.

There are no great differences into most of the technique which is claimed to be unique.

It is more like a marketing gimmick to attract the patient.

I would like to say it is the old wine in a new bottle.

You can choose any of the techniques for your hair transplantation most important part is to select the best and the experienced surgeon in hair transplantation for the best possible result.

After a great research on different techniques used in Hair transplant in India we have been able to make the following chart, Chart represents different techniques are used in Hair transplant, their unique features, and Advantage of such technique. Hair transplant techniques play a major role in the selection of Hair transplant clinics. Sometimes many different and new names and different techniques confuse the patients, to solve the queries on different techniques in hair transplants in Mumbai, India such a chart is really helpful.

Name of Hair transplant Technique

A unique feature of the technique

Advantage of Particular technique for Hair transplant

Strip Method or FUT

The strip method is a method of obtaining follicular units from a donor strip taken from an area of the non-balding scalp at the back and sides of the head, removing the grafts from the strip using operating microscopes, and then transplanting the grafts in the bald or thinning areas. SOURCE -

The advantage over strip harvesting is that FUE harvesting negates the need for large areas of scalp tissue to be harvested, so there is no linear incision on the back of the head and it doesn't leave a linear scar.

FUE method

Follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit extraction (FUE), also known as follicular transfer (FT), is one of two primary methods of obtaining hair follicles, naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, for hair transplantation. The other method is called strip harvesting.


Minimal Scarring: This means you can wear your hair short. Body hair could be utilized (like beard hair, chest hair) for hair transplant if the donor's hairs are insufficient. Fast healing: Wounds are very small and without stitches so heal faster.

Bio- FUE

In Bio-FUE hair transplant, grafts (hair roots) are stored in biostimulation growth factors (PRP)... It leads to faster hair growth. It also increases the density of non-transplanted hair. In Bio-FUE, regenerative cells are infused into the FUE donor site for rapid healing and growth of remaining hair.


Bio FUE transplant technique is that it not only improves the growth of the implanted hairs but also stimulates the growth of the hairs in the surrounding area affected with the hair thinning. It stimulates the stem cells of the hair, which are implanted.


DHI the method enables the hair transplant to be performed without shaving the head. Hair follicles are transplanted in about 1-2 minutes after the extraction of the process so they only remain outside the body for a very short time period.


Adequate hair follicles survival rates. Reduced bleeding during the creation of the recipient area. Reduced trauma during graft handling, thus leading to less damage in the blood supply to the implanted area.

DHT – Direct hair transplant

In direct hair transplant technique, the hair follicles are implanted one by one directly to the recipient area which needs to be covered. Each hair follicle is placed in a particular direction, depth, and angle that helps to get 100% natural results with maximum density. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is painless and its recovery is very fast.


Minimal transit time

Modified Hair transplant

MHI is a recent technique, a unique, advanced hair implant system that is a combination of ADVANCE Hair Transplant, enriched platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) with recombinant growth factors that provides the boost to existing hair and ensures good survival & uniform growth for wonderful results.


MHI is a recent technique, a unique, advanced hair implant system that is a combination of ADVANCE Hair Transplant, enriched platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) with recombinant growth factors that provides the boost to existing hair and ensures good survival & uniform growth for wonderful results.

No-touch Hair Implantation

Individual follicles are embedded onto the scalp, using the special implanting device, without holding the graft tissue, directly.


Minimal damage and handling of Hair follicles.

None shave hair transplant

None shaven Hair Transplant is also known as Undetectable FUE. In this technique of hair transplant, hair transplantation is done without shaving the recipient or donor area. It is unlike the traditional FUE, where all hair need to be shaved to facilitate the process of extraction and placement of the graft.


Hair transplant without shaving the Head

A hybrid method of hair transplant

Hybrid Method Hair Transplantation

COMBO the method is a combination of both which are performed during the same session (same day). Once the combo is performed on a given patient, we can plan another chest or beard session for him on the same day or the next day. It’s called a hybrid.


One can yield Maximum Hair grafts in one go.

Anagen Q+Technique’

(a) Do not transgress the permanent donor zone of the scalp

(b) Pick only anagen grafts

Source - Darling buds.

I visited Mumbai, in the year 2013. I visited Mumbai at that time I been to Haji Ali. It is beautiful and worth visiting. I visited India for Hair transplantation in Mumbai.

Faster growth and results

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Dr. Vaibhav Shah is considered to be Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai, due to Best results in Hair Transplant in Mumbai.

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