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Why “Gigabit Internet” is about more than just speed?

Author: Luminet Solutions
by Luminet Solutions
Posted: Feb 28, 2020
gigabit broadband

When measuring how good their internet is most people will generally look at their download speed but while this may be applicable to most homes this exercise simply isn’t a good enough measure for the quality of commercial internet.

We tend to measure broadband speed in bits and these days in mega- and gigabits specifically. Gigabit broadband means that speeds reach 1 gigabit per second and when it comes to commercial broadband this tends to be symmetrical.

What does that mean? Simply put: information travels at the same speed during uploading and downloading. While this may not be necessary for most households, businesses require this with increasing urgency. Cloud based applications, mission critical processes and such are all elements of today’s business environment that causes a greater need for this sort of connectivity.

An example of this could be things like video conferencing, VoIP technology but even things like Office 365, bookkeeping/accounting software and more require their fair share of the bandwidth which means a gigabit broadband connection would be the optimum solution.

Ultimately it comes down to not just what you need now but what you’re going to need moving forward. The need for constant, and fast, connectivity has been growing constantly and so has the amount of data we’re storing and consuming, both personally and professionally. Expectations of quick responses and instant gratification means customers, partners and colleagues won’t accept sluggish delivery of work. Depending on your industry this could mean constant downloading and uploading of information and files, regular video calls and all sorts of unexpected ad-hoc requirements.

So if you’re in one of the fastest moving cities in Europe you might be wondering where it would be best for you to get Gigabit Broadband London?

This is where Luminet comes in. Luminet is a premier wireless broadband provider as well as a provider of fibre, leased lines and other types of business connectivity.

You may be wondering which connection would be right for you? That depends entirely on your needs and it’s something you can explore in our article on the difference between different types of broadband connections.

When it comes to wireless broadband this tends to be used equally as a primary connection, as a backup to fibre and to sidestep the lengthy wait times of getting a building connected for fibre installation. With horror stories out there of 169 day wait times for new buildings to get connected to the fibre network, Luminet has come to the rescue with their wireless solution which can be set up within 10 working days. So why wait when you can make sure your gigabit broadband moves at London speeds!

To sweeten the deal further Luminet is a registered supplier of the Gigabit Voucher Scheme which you can read more about here to find out if you qualify for the scheme which could save you up to £2500 on your connectivity needs, wireless or otherwise!

Whether you’re looking for a Wireless Broadband Provider, a leased line or fibre provider Luminet can get you set up with the right solution for your business needs.

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Luminet was founded in 2005 and was one of the first to offer commercial wireless broadband solutions to businesses and has grown its client base in London to more than 750 businesses.

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