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Living by the beach in Foley, AL

Author: Beni Restea
by Beni Restea
Posted: Feb 28, 2020
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Ever wonder why the city of Foley, AL is attracting so many people? Well, for one, it’s close to the shore. Which shore? Take a map and you’ll find several bays surrounding the city with white sandy beaches and emerald-colored waters, but we can’t forget about what the Gulf of Mexico has prepared for you. The beaches near Foley, AL doesn’t bring large crowds to the city, not even during the spring or summer times. The distance to the beach depends on which beach interests you the most. The fact that it’s not right on the beach guarantees you a comfortable living in the peaceful city of Foley, AL.

All those beaches are far enough from the city that the crowds of tourists won’t bother you but close enough that a short drive by car will give a sure day of sunbathing with friends and family. Let’s get into everything that that proximity can give you because you need to understand what you’re getting yourself into before you move there. Just to know all the good stuff that Alabama can give you. Afterward, you can contact the realtors in Foley, AL and make the plans.

Mobile Bay

A distance of 33.5 miles and if you go by the Beach Express and I-10 you’ll be there in 38 minutes. Close by you’ll have Daphne with its own attractions. Wanna see gators up close? Take the Gator Alley Boardwalk to see 10-12 feet long alligators. Make sure you have binoculars and no pets. Not a safe place for pets.

Further south and only 11 minutes away, you have Fairhope, AL. Here we highly recommend you stop by Sunset Pointe at Fly Creek Marina for both great seafood and some of the best sunsets available on the coast by Fly Creek. Then you can also stop by Fairhope Municipal Pier and see as the flag fights with the sun against the horizon. Dinner in style by Orange Street Pier-Beach will be spectacular at Gambino’s Italian Grill.

Weeks Bay

A short distance away from the city of Foley, AL you can find Weeks Bay. Only 14 minutes driving west onto US-98 you’ll find the place that houses the Weeks Bay Estuarine Research Reserve. This is a protected wildlife reserve that covers more than 6,000 acres. It’s the location where studies and education have been brought together.

Next to the Magnolia River, you can look into canoeing or archery parks. You can learn about the habitats by the coast, wildlife exhibits, regional plants, and animals. It also has a museum and there are great boardwalks you can travel on through the wetlands.

Bon Secour Bay

The trails and beaches along the stretch of land towards Fort Morgan offer all sorts of attractions. Located 30 minutes away from Foley, AL, the Gulf Highlands has nightlife, golf courses, spa resorts and many places to eat and sleep at if you want to stay overnight. One of the biggest and most interesting attractions in this bay is the Bon Secours National Wildlife Refuge.

Bon Secour means safe harbor and this place has 7,000 acres of nature preserve. Many endangered species can be seen here, such as the Alabama beach mouse, over 370 species of birds like ospreys and herons, armadillos, coyotes, and nesting turtles. Take a hike with your camera and see how many you can capture on film, or drive.

Gulf Coast

With the Gulf of Mexico everywhere you look as far as the eye can see, waking up a little bit earlier in order to get there in the wee hours, keep in mind the 22 minutes ride south on the Foley Beach Express. Once you get there, however, get ready to enjoy the sun or the Alabama beach and its many exhilarating activities.

The tourism region of the greater Gulf Shores starts at the border with Florida in the east and ends in the west with Fort Morgan. It has everything from history, to sunbathing, entertainment and dining, luxury spas and golf resorts. It has everything that your heart may desire and then some. This is a fast-growing area that offers lodging, restaurants, and clubs in abundance.

The beach

Have you ever dreamed of yourself on the beach with a cocktail in your hand just enjoying the sun and the waves? A quick dip in the warm blue-green water while your children are building sandcastles on the shore? What could be more perfect? It seems almost too good to be true, and so close to your home as well. Actually, it isn’t too good to be true.

Did you always want to try parasailing, jet-skiing, snorkeling or volleyball on the beach? There are places that can give you just that in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. If you don’t have the equipment you can rent it. Boating and Kayaking are on the menu as well as Paddleboarding and Sailing, the only requirement is enthusiasm, an adventurous spirit and a desire to jump headfirst into the waves.

Want to see some dolphins? There are about 24 tours offered for dolphin sightings. You can take a kayak, jet-ski or cruise in order to see them up close.

Take a hot-air balloon tour or jump in a helicopter to get a birds-eye view. Nothing is off the menu here and you have plenty of time to try it all out.


Relaxing and enjoying the sun isn’t the only thing that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach can offer.

Living by the beach in Foley, AL brings all the excitement available on your doorstep and it’s only a short drive away. Have a girls night out at the Pink Pony Pub while the boys are at The Flying Harpoon. Switch it up and compare the drinks, the prices, and the views. Nightlife is anything but boring on the beach in Foley, AL.

There’s live music at Lulu’s, Karaoke at Tracy Jack’s, Jazz at Florabama for whichever tickles your eardrums better. The music is never-ending and the festivals and concerts will keep you occupied not only through the summer.

The party never ends on the beach which is precisely why it’s perfect to have a comfortable place to call home away from the mania of the summer season. Get all the fun and excitement that you and your family need at a short distance away, then, when you had enough, get back in your car and go the 14, 22 or 38 minutes drive back. It is simply a great place to live.

Would you like to live on the beach and wake up with the ocean breeze? Leave us a comment and explain why. Make sure to share and like this article with your friends and let’s promote the beauty of the shores of Alabama together.
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