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Touch Screen Smartphones – Are They Better Than External Keyboard Phones?

Author: Prianshu Ghosh
by Prianshu Ghosh
Posted: Aug 08, 2014

Smartphones are available in two styles, one having touch screen keyboards and the second one is having an external keyboard. As per your style, you can determine that which keypad will fit your style and most importantly your needs. Basically, all the Smartphones like Android Phones and Apple iPhones have touch keypads. There are very a few Smartphones that have physical keyboards. Now, the question is, are Smartphones better than the external keyboard phones? About to buy a new Smartphone? Do have a look at the advantages of the Smartphones and then justify that whether these advantages have persuaded you to buy a Smartphone with touch screen or you still feel the external keypads better option?


For sure, you must be using a laptop or a desktop. Now, to make them fully functional, you will require both the keyboard and the mouse. In the absence of any of these two, computer can be operated fully. The same thing is related to the these phones. When you are surfing through a touch screen phone, you can easily go to the link just with a single touch. When using an external keypad phone for doing internet, you will have to push the button many a times to bring the cursor to the desired link. It consumes a lot of time. In short, touch screen phones are mini computers.


If you use your too much for texting and sending e-mails or surfing, then there is a possibility that some of the buttons of the external keypads may get loose or fall down. Also, some water, debris or food particles may get stuck into the spaces between the buttons. These all problems have nothing to do with the touch keypads.

Speed & Comfort

Typing becomes very easy and speedy with touch screen keyboards. With a single touch, you can open several apps and close them. Pressing a button for several times to type a single alphabet consumes a lot of time and also is very irritating sometimes. In touch keypads, you don't have to face this problem.

Now, after reading this, you must have made up your mind to buy a touch screen phone. If you cannot afford buying Apple iPhones or expensive Android Phones, then you can opt for touch screen Cheap Mobile Phones. Obviously, they will not be of any reputed company, but some of them do have same longevity like that of expensive mobile phones.

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The author is a freelancer and at times writes on Mobile Phones. Some of his work includes the keywords touch screen smartphones and cheap mobile phones.

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