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I knew I was gonna be living I was gonna have help getting picked up

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by SEO Interm
Posted: Mar 10, 2020

Hi, every one it's me so this week I wanted to talk about packing for a big move I get a lot of questions from ex-pats either that are gonna move to England or maybe just move abroad in general and they all tend to ask what should I bring and what should I just buy so I thought I'd share some of the things that I did when I first moved to England from Canada and maybe some tips to help you pack because it is a big move it's really difficult it's hard so without further adieu let's go okay so where do you start for my situation specifically.

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I move to England to be with somebody so I knew exactly where it's going to be living that makes a really big difference if you are moving country to be with somebody whether it's a partner or a family member or a friend or whatever if you're moving somewhere and you know where you're gonna be living that makes a big difference versus you're moving to a new country you don't know anybody there you don't know where you're gonna be living that really will influence the type of luggage you're gonna be able to bring so because I was moving in with someone straight away.

I knew I was gonna be living I was gonna have help getting picked up at the airport so it wasn't just gonna be by myself I brought a checked bag which was included in my flight I paid for a second checked bag and I paid for my luggage to be overweight so I was basically like I'm gonna bring as much as I can physically shove into these two giant bags and I'm gonna take the extra money for the weight and I'm just gonna bring as much as I can fit now if you are moving to a new country and you don't have a place to live yet you need to be really careful about what type of stuff.

You're gonna have with you because the main thing is you are going to need to be able to handle your own luggage yourself I know it sounds really sort of dumb like obviously you should be able to handle your own luggage but when you're going to the airport your home country maybe you're with a parent or a sibling and they help you get your bags you on the checked thing and help you get rid of them but you have to remember on the other side you're gonna be by yourself and you have to be able to carry your own luggage be able to lift those bags so if you make them really heavy you got to be able to lift them.

All that kind of stuff you already have some with you then of course your passport your visa documents all your other legal documents those are extremely important those are really the only thing that you absolutely need to have and I would leave photocopies of all your things with a parent or a sibling or somebody you trust back home and I would also scan a copy onto your computer so you always have an electronic copy as well the way.

I approached packing was essentially what are the things that cannot be replaced realistically medications my legal stuff passport that sort of stuff that cannot be replaced so everything else is really a bonus you obviously want to have clothes so you're not you know running out trying to buy clothing you want to have some toiletries so you're not running out trying to get those right away everything else.

little guy same with this guy my mom bought this for me um when I first moved out for college it's like a hanging thing basically I had it in my room I'm and it's been in all the homes that I've lived in since college it's pretty light it's thin it's just like a board basically but it means a lot to me and I wanted it with me so I made room for this boy just gotta do what you got to do left some clothes behind because of it but that's okay it's really about what can you not replace that needs to be in first absolutely then um everything else.

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