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Understanding of Applied Art and its Examples

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Mar 08, 2020
applied art

Definition of Applied Arts

In the art branch there are several types in it, one of which is applied art. Applied art is a work of art that has practical and aesthetic functions. That is, the results of the work are not only used as daily necessities, but also can be enjoyed by the beauty contained in them.

History of Applied Arts

Applied art works have long existed in Indonesia, that is, before entering the BC century or since prehistoric times. Even without realizing it, before that time applied art works had developed. This is evidenced by the many inventions of objects made of stone or bone as a result of hunting, such as axes that have been used since the days of the ancestors of the Indonesian people.

Then after entering pre-age cooking or towards modernity, people began to realize a work of art that was created. So that the development of applied art works is getting better and faster both in terms of materials, and manufacturing techniques.

For example, in ancient times still using stone or bone to make an object, but now people are already using metal industrial materials as a substitute for stone materials.

The technique used is also more advanced, namely by means of the metal being melted down first to make it a bit pliable. After that the community can shape the metal as they wish. For example, to make jewelry, balance sheets, vessels, and other household appliances.

Examples of Applied Fine ArtsThere are several examples of applied fine art that are often found around us. The following are examples of applied works of art in Indonesia including

1. Webbing

Woven is one of the works of applied fine art derived from dried plant fiber materials, such as rattan, coconut fibers, roots, bamboo, and others. In addition, there are also synthetic materials such as plastic or artificial leather that can be made into woven.

The material will be woven in order to form a desired object, by having a practical function as well as aesthetic function. Examples of wicker that is often found is rattan wicker chairs, baskets, doormats, brooms, and others

2. Batik Art

One of the applied works of art is batik which is very familiar in the archipelago. The reason is not only famous in Indonesia, foreign countries are also very amazed at the culture that is owned by this nation. The results of these works of art have been recognized by UNESCO as ancestral cultural heritage.

Fabrics and dyes are needed in the fabrication, while the manufacturing technique is by drawing sketches on the fabric to form the desired pattern.

3. Ceramic Art

Until now, ceramics art continues to develop better with aesthetic value that can be enjoyed.

In making it is needed clay then made with carving techniques to make the desired shape. Not only that, there is also a combustion process so that the clay texture becomes harder and ceramic. Examples of ceramic art are roof tiles, piggy banks, vases, jars, earthenware, porcelain, and others.

4. Metal Crafts

Metal craft is a form of development of applied art that uses metal-based materials. Because the metal is able to help human activities and can be made into jewelry to enhance your appearance. Examples of metal crafts are drinking places, jewelry, vessels, household appliances, and so forth.

Practical functions or usability functionsEvery object created from a work of applied art has a practical function or usefulness of the object. This is to help support the needs of life to do all daily activities. For example, on objects that are easy to find and are in the environment, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, and other household appliances.

Aesthetic function or beauty in artNot only practical functions, in applied art also has aesthetic value that must be considered. This element of beauty will be enjoyed by the public in judging a work of art.

Based on this, examples of objects that are often found are carved wooden cabinets, modified wooden chairs, and other beautifully designed objects.

The conclusion is that applied art is a work of art that has various types, functions, forms and forms. Applied art is also a form of wealth of the Indonesian people that must be preserved.

Those are some complete explanations of the meaning, history, types, examples, functions of applied works of art. Applied art is a forum to meet the needs of human life in carrying out its activities.

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