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Basic Advertising Techniques

Author: Supriya Patil
by Supriya Patil
Posted: Mar 14, 2020

1. The relationship between promotion and advertising.

You will find it at first paragraph.

2. Type of advertising techniques.

You will find that there are four types of advertising techniques here, they are: product advertising, institutional advertising, pull advertising demand, and push advertising demand. You can read more in the second paragraph.

3. Explanation about what advertising techniques that work.

You will understand that effective advertising techniques may differ from one to others.

4. How to achieve successful advertising?

You will know and once you comprehend, you can practice the steps that are explained here. Practicing makes perfect, right?

5. Advertising techniques list.

This section is dedicated for you who want to know the examples of advertising techniques in daily life. The basic advertising techniques and approach, they are avant-garde advertising, bandwagon advertising, AIDA model advertising, Weasel words advertising. how to promote a restauranthow to promote a website offlinehow to promote affiliate productshow to promote business online

Now, please take a look to first paragraph. Enjoy this article. You can read advertising techniques FAQ before reading this article.

You may be want to ask the relationship between promotion and advertising. Here the simple and easy explanation. You have already know about promotional strategies on previous article. One aspect of promotion is advertising. So, the conclusion is, advertising is subset of promotion action. It means you can promote your brand or product by advertising it.There are several types of advertising techniques are known. According to Michael Ray (1996) there are four types of advertising techniques, they are product advertising, institutional advertising, advertising demand pull, push advertising demand.

You may need watch this advertising question and answer:

Below are types of advertising techniques :

1. Product advertising

This advertising techniques delivers a company's product information. This ad is divided into:

  • Direct action advertising, i.e. advertising products that are designed in such a way as to encourage an immediate response and the audience.- Indirect action advertising, i.e. advertising products that are designed to create demand in the long run or just for building your brand.
2. Institutional advertising

Ads that are designed to convey about business information of advertising owner and build goodwill for the company. These advertising techniques consist of:
  • Patronage advertising, i.e. advertising which informs business from owners of advertiser.
  • Public service advertising, advertising that is non commercial and acceptable in all walks of life.

3. Pull advertising demand

This is an advertisement addressed to the purchaser to increase the demand for the relevant product. Usually manufacturers advise consumers to buy products to sellers nearby.

4. Push advertising demand

This advertising techniques which are aimed to dealers. This means that suppliers are willing to increase the demand for products to sell as much concerned to the buyer or retailer. Goods or stuff that usually advertised in this type are industrial to promote coffee businesshow to promote sales in businesshow to promote servicehow to promote your brand in twitterWhat are advertising techniques that work?Actually, all advertising techniques ( start from conservative techniques up to new advertising techniques ) work. But, the most important thing that you should consider is, different business (different type of business, different target audience/market, different ads channel, etc.) use different advertising techniques. Probably, the latest advertising techniques are beneficial for you, but not useful for others. Therefore, the answer of the question "what advertising techniques are most effective?" may to promote your credit repair businesshow to promote your jewelry business onlinehow to promote your online businesshow to promote your productSo, how to make a successful advertising technique?

These are the step to deliver your ads successfully and get the best result:

1. Define your exact goal.

How to define a clear goal? You can gain the straightforward goal by self-asking, such as:

a. What people do I target, prospect or returning customer?

b. What people do I target? (knowing your target, like: their interest, demographics, psycho-graphics, and so on).c. What fundamental goal do I want by delivering the ads, making money (people buy my product) or build a brand?

d. How much can I spend on ads?

2. Develop your ads based on your goal.

Why you must develop advertisement based on goal? I have mentioned before, different goal use different advertising techniques. For examples: a. If your target are returning customer, your copy-writing for the ads is created to make them re-purchase your product by focusing on special customer loyalty program. b. If the ads are targeted to prospects, your copy-writing for the ads is created to make them buy your product by focusing on first impression, packaging, and build a good association with your brand, etc. c. If the ads’ goal is to make people buy your product (getting a cash/money), so the ads must focus on strong call-to-action (buy now), whereas if the ad's goal is to build your brand reputation, the ads should focus on good impression and make people aware of your product.

The things should you most consider in developing the ads phase are, you must integrate:

a. Product

b. Packaging

c. Target audience or target market.

And then make outstanding copy in your ads to visualize how your product can provide target audience’s need/want.

3. Do an experiment and do A/B test for your ads campaign, and do a tracking and monitoring the result.

  • Analyze the advertisement’s performance, measure your ROI, KPI, metrics, afterwards make an improvement based on analysis. - Optimize your advertisement to get the best result from previous action (testing and tracking the ads). The word optimize means "Improve your failed technique and repeat your successful technique".Advertising techniques examples
Below are list of advertising techniques examples:

  • Examples of advertising techniques for students
In this sample case, your target audience is student. As you already know, student love buying more quantities with less amount of money. Another fact is, young age people prefer video or image than reading a text and love gadget (digital appliance). They utilize their gadget for reading, etc. For more detail, please read Based on the demographic and their interest, you can start develop your advertisement through these programs:

a. Coupons.

This is for getting their awareness to buy from you for less cost.

b. Free version or trial version

Student can try the first product for free.

c. Apps/Game in android or iPhone platform.

Engage with student via this apps, once they reach some amount of score, they will get a coupon/discount to buy your product.
  • Example of advertising techniques for local business.
One example of advertising technique your local business is to attend trade show in your area. The goal for attending trade show is not to get more cash, but to spread your brand and inform your business and get contact with prospects (among internet marketing, this is called list building). Once you get your lists of contact, you can focus on follow-up and nurture your lead. Basically, if you can not afford to make them buy your product, by nurturing your lead you can convert them decide to buy your product.
  • Example of advertising technique for selling digital product.
I have written in this blog about content marketing, you can search here. As a consequence, I give you an example part of content marketing for delivering your ads. I think content marketing is suitable strategy for market your digital product. This takes time, build your content, build your reputation, etc. But, if you perform it persistently, it will result high achievement.

Here are the steps of the techniques you can perform:

1. Create a blog which contains content everything related to your company, your business, and your product.For examples: article that explains benefit of the product in daily life, video that show you how to utilize the product, infographic that display the data of product utilization and benefits, storytelling that inform people how can some product is able to change their life, and so on. 2. Spread your blog to the world.You can distribute your content via social media, email to your list, do a search engine marketing (both SEO and PPC), and so forth. 3. Put your soft-selling thing on your content, but not put in all your content, only one content every 5 contents you distribute to the world. 4. Perform this step continually and persistently, educate your prospect with your content, nurture your lead with the content, your brand and your product will be considered by your target audience or your prospect. If they are aware of your product, they will decide to choose your brand and buy your product.

Above are basic explanation and sample for advertising techniques. I hope you can implement appropriate promotional strategies and choosing the right kind of advertising types for your product. You can freely choose the types of advertising that is suitable for your company. I will write about another alternative of advertising techniques from street marketing practitioner later.

Types of advertisement

Below are types of advertising techniques

Avant-garde advertisingAvante garde advertising uses persuasive strategies to make you buy the product. It appeals to credibility and emotion of the audiences. It encourage you using the product, because it appeals you that using the product make you ahead of the times. In other words, you are the first time of the people using this product.You can see the sample and explanation about avant-garde at psychological point of view : avant-garde ads. Bandwagon advertising

Bandwagon advertising is one of the propaganda advertising techniques. Propaganda means endeavor to direct audience's opinion.

So, bandwagon advertising is a form of endeavor to influence audiences to join "the mass" and majority who has used the product and be part of the winning people.

Example: Every smart people read this book, you?

AIDA model advertising

Actually, this is a fundamental principal of advertising. It contains A-I-D-A.

A for Attention.

I for Interest.

D for Desire.

A or Action.

Let's look at one by one.

Attention means calling the audience's attention to the product.

Interest means provoking and manage the interest.

Desire means awakening it.

Action means encouraging audiences to buy.

AIDA is very basic and classical advertising principles that is usually implemented in advertising campaign.

AIDA concept is process flow: cognitive (thinking) – affective (feeling) – conative (doing).

So, whatever your advertising techniques and types - bandwagon, avant-garde, testimonial, etc – you must use the AIDA concept and model.

Weasel words advertisingThe focus on this type of advertising is to drive a positive impression, therefore the main goal of weasel words advertising is to attract people rather than ask them to think deeply about something. how to promote your credit repair businesshow to promote your jewelry business onlinehow to promote your online businesshow to promote your product

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