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4 Basic Tools To Build A Scale Model

Author: Andrew Anten
by Andrew Anten
Posted: Mar 16, 2020

4 Basic Tools To Build A Scale Model

The same as their full-sized counterparts, scale models of model boat kits are comprised of quite a few smaller components, all working in accordance to deliver the uppermost performance possible when it matters. And the same as any decent engineer, you need to have a good selection of appropriate, high-quality tools with the intention of building a scale model without damaging such components. The following are some of the most basic tools that you require for building boat models:

1. Pliers

At the time of assembling a boat model, you will usually require fitting small components into confined spaces, and this is where a quality pair of pliers comes in handy. Ensure that you always make use of needle-node kind of pliers with either angled or straight jaws in order to make sure you get reach into restricted spaces.

2. Spanners

Buts are usually hexagonal in shape and can be plain or self-locking. There is a variety of different kinds of spanners, or wrenches, for loosening and tightening them. The most widespread being the ones with open jaws at one end and a ring, shaped internally to grip the nut.

Even though this kind of spanner can be utilized on the majority of areas of the scale model, however, your kit is also supposed to comprise screwdriver-style socket wrenches that can fit into places where repositioning a spanner may not be possible. On the whole, assembly of model boat kits should be built using the cross spanner, which is compact and simple to use, and has several hexagonal ends of several different sizes.

3. Allen or Hex Keys

A complete set of the Allen or Hex keys is very important when it comes to building scale models because you will often find screws and fittings that hexagonal sockets rather than cross-shaped or slotted heads. Whether you decide the L-shaped keys or a more expensive screwdriver bit set, ensure that you select the highest quality to keep away from causing worn sockets and fittings at the time of assembly or disassembly.

4. Screwdrivers

A lot of the finest scale models come with more than a few screws, required to tightly grip some of the bigger components in place. As a minimum, you are supposed to have one medium-sized flat-headed (slotted) and one cross-headed screwdriver, but if possible, it is always best to have a full set of both types. This takes account of both long and short shaft screwdrivers, and getting a set that has magnetic tips will always prove tremendously helpful for keeping away from lost screws.

Part of the excitement of owning a flawlessly built model kit comes from building it from scratch, and that sense of pride that comes with knowing you got everything just right. By making use of the four necessary tools mentioned above for the purpose of building model boat kits you provide yourself with a wonderful opportunity of building a model that not just looks good, but even delivers outstanding performance.

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