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Andrew Anten

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All About a Capstan in Ship Model Kits

The majority of ship model kits will either have a windlass or a capstan, which is used to raise the anchors. Usually, a kit will comprise a basic capstan, however, you might desire to put in added...

Articles > Hobbies > Crafts Jan 24, 2019
Is American Warcraft Your Focus for Ideal Model Ship Kits?

If you are looking for the leading manufacturers of the American warcraft ships then Bluejacket is among the most popular designers of the top most wooden model ship kits that are made available in...

Articles > Hobbies > Crafts Jun 27, 2021
What Are Mamoli Wood Ship Kits?

Wooden Ship Kits were made popular by some of the leading brands in the industry. If you are an expert or a veteran in building ship kits then you are probably already aware of the name Mamoli which...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Arts & Crafts Jan 08, 2021
What is the Importance of Having the Right Fittings with Model Boat Kits?

Having the right fittings along with your model boat kits is as essential as having the rest of the package. It is extremely critical to get the best-in-class fittings that match the model kit that...

Articles > Hobbies > Crafts Jun 12, 2021
Building Ship Models – How to Start?

Building a brilliant scale model is not hard. The majority of ship model kits are manufactured with such an intention that there is a bit for every difficulty level, be it a beginner, regular...

Articles > Automotive > Other Apr 06, 2018
Different Types of Hull

Wooden ship models are in great demand today due to the extensive choice offered by the vendors. There are a number of vessels from which you can choose from such as boats, yachts, clipper ships, and...

Articles > Hobbies > Collecting Nov 16, 2016
Types of Model Ship Kits

Building a ship model kits is a amazing hobby for people who love ships, and always wanted to have a miniature of their favorite model. One can easily build a ship miniature using its model kit, and...

Articles > Hobbies > Collecting Dec 28, 2016
Euromodel Friedrich Wilhelm - History, Wood Ship Kit and Detailed Guidance

In this article, we have explained about the Friedrich Wilhelm Euromodel wood ship kit- its history and what you will get in the ship kit you buy. Building a ship is a time consuming task. It not only...

Articles > Hobbies > Crafts Apr 12, 2016
4 Basic Tools to Build a Scale Model

4 Basic Tools To Build A Scale Model The same as their full-sized counterparts, scale models of model boat kits are comprised of quite a few smaller components, all working in accordance to deliver...

Articles > Hobbies > Board Games Mar 16, 2020
A Guide to 4 Most Common Types of Abrasives for Ship Model Kits

No matter you are building plastic, metal, or wood ship model kits, at some point during scale modeling, you will be expected to make use of an abrasive product. From getting rid of rough borders, to...

Articles > Hobbies > Crafts Dec 23, 2019
A Guide to Buying Glue for Scale Modeling

You may find selecting glue for model boat kits to be a complicated task. Usually, one accepting a model depends on a few considerations that one is supposed to adequately assess. You need to mull...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Arts & Crafts Sep 16, 2019
All About Painting a Scale Model

If you are working on a scale model, regardless of its size – small or large – possibilities are you will need to let loose the airbrushes or paint brushes at some point. No matter you are building...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Arts & Crafts Oct 28, 2019
All About Planking the Deck

On a real ship, the plank that was laid along the centerline of the ship was called the king plank. The other deck planks were then laid adjacent and parallel to this plank and on either side moving...

Articles > Hobbies > Crafts Jul 22, 2019
All About the Scale of a Model Kit

When it comes to making a decision for the scale to ship model kits, make sure you do not hurry. You must take your time since the conclusion takes consideration of a lot of things, not the least of...

Articles > Hobbies > Crafts Feb 24, 2020
Are Books and Plans Really Useful for Wooden Ship Kit?

From the beginning of time, children are taught touse books or consult them to get information about the subject that they might be studying. The same goes for adults or professionals who would want...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Arts & Crafts Dec 20, 2020
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