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Different Types of Hull

Author: Andrew Anten
by Andrew Anten
Posted: Nov 16, 2016

Wooden ship models are in great demand today due to the extensive choice offered by the vendors. There are a number of vessels from which you can choose from such as boats, yachts, clipper ships, and warships vessels to modern day designer ships.

The hull is the watertight body of a ship. It is the most important part structure of a ship that works in line, where the hull meets the water surface is called the waterline. The structure of the hull varies depending on the vessel type.

In model ship, the structure consists of major transverse longitudinal bulkheads, depend on the overall structural arrangement of the ship. The uppermost design is continuous and is known as upper deck. There are number of hull types, it depends on the context—the type of ship or boat, the arrangement, or sails.

Advantages of Ship Hull:

  1. Hull with shallow draft is good for fishing in small lakes and rivers.
  2. The planing hull gives a smoother ride in rough water.
  3. Round Bottom Hull moves easily through the water even at slow speeds.
  4. Multi-Hull provides easy displacement and has greater stability because of its wide beam.

Hulls come in many varieties and shapes, and are grouped as follows:

  • Chined and Hard-chined Hulls: Examples are the flat-bottom (chined), v-bottom and multi-bottom hull (hard chined).
  • Round bilged Hulls: Examples are the round bilge, semi-round bilge and s-bottom hull.
  • Displacement Hulls: The hull is supported exclusively by buoyancy. Vessels that have this type of hull travel through the water. They are often heavier.

The planning of hull form is configured to develop positive dynamic pressure it draft the increasing speed. The dynamic lift reduces the wetted surface and therefore also the drag. They are sometimes flat-bottomed, which makes them more efficient at higher speeds, although they still require more energy to achieve these speeds. An effective planning of the hull must be done. Sail boats must also sail efficiently in displacement mode in light winds.

Semi-displacement Hull: This type of hull form is capable of developing a moderate amount of dynamic lift. However, in this design the most of the weight of the vessel must be supported through buoyancy.

In a typical wooden sailboat, the hull is constructed of wooden planking, which are further tied together by longitudinal ceiling. There is a centerline longitudinal member called a keel. In Wooden Ship Kits hulls, the structure resembles wooden vessel arrangement. The composite hulls are built by sandwiching thin fiber-reinforced skins over a lightweight.

The wooden ship hobby is not hard to learn. Working systematically and adding pieces one by one will help you to work faster. There are various vendors available that provide high quality Wooden Ship Kits at affordable prices. These ship kit models come with all fittings, plans and instructions to complete the model.

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