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Euromodel Friedrich Wilhelm - History, Wood Ship Kit and Detailed Guidance

Author: Andrew Anten
by Andrew Anten
Posted: Apr 12, 2016

In this article, we have explained about the Friedrich Wilhelm Euromodel wood ship kit- its history and what you will get in the ship kit you buy.

Building a ship is a time consuming task. It not only requires knowledge, skills, patience, but also abundant time. Most of the ship modelers face difficulty while modeling a ship because they do not have detailed guide or instruction plans. When you have an instruction plan handy, you can model a ship much more effectively. This will also prevent you from making mistakes and wasting all your efforts when you have done something wrong.

Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde is German frigate, which was built between 1660 and 1661. It was built in the shipyard of Pillau Princpaute by Mr. G.C Peckelhering. The length of the ship was estimated about 125 feet and has a width of 32 feet. The weight of the ship is estimated about 900 tons and was believed to design with 50/60 guns and a crew of 250 men. The maker of the ship Friedrich Wilhelm, Pillau Princpaute has also made several other wood ship kits. He sailed from Emden to Shetland in September 1691 under the guidance of captain Jean Le Sage, being an escort for the Derfflinger. Pillau, again in July 25, 1962, along with a large fleet, sailed from Emden towards Guinea. On the night of October 30, 1692, three French ships fought the Friedrich Wilhelm.

In every Friedrich Wilhelm ship kit you buy, you get double planking, frames for plywood laser cutted, cloth for sails, anchors, blocks, capstains, mast caps, ladders, gratings, dedeyes, cleats, clocks, rigging yarns, flags, lanterns, ship’s boats, brass guns, carriages complete of wheels, set of plans and instructions.

Euromodel is a leading name in producing top notch and most authentic wooden ship model plans. Each model produced by them is a masterpiece. All the wooden ship models and kits that Euromodel carry are historically accurate and rich in detail. These ship kits are best for experienced shipbuilders who are trying their hands on the advanced ship modeling. Euromodel has been into the business since 1970 and since then they have been creating authentic ship models to give ship modelers the best ship models and kits. The kits produced by them, contain frames and decks, which are already laser cut for simple and precise assembling. The timbers included in the kits are of the highest quality. You will also get a complete range of wood accessories, metal castings, turning and timbers. Another great and impressive thing about the Euromodel ship kits is that they contain naval architect drawn designs, which are comprehensive and detailed in nature and contain all the necessary details.

Euromodel wood ship kits are based on a detailed set of drawings, which you can choose to decrease your level of complexity. To help you boost up your chances of success, you will also get ‘Interpretive Information" files enclosed in the kits.

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