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Signs you’re ready for a credit card upgrade

Author: Daniel Mabee
by Daniel Mabee
Posted: Mar 19, 2020

The digital payment is becoming the need of the hour. The debit and credit cards are an essential part of digitalized payments. As a result, there is a lot of competition among credit card issuers. In this situation, credit card up-gradation is necessary.

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade the credit card from best credit cards in Philippines. With each passing day, there are new offers, and credit cards offer rewards. If you do not opt for a credit card update, then you will miss the advantages of missing low-interest rates, rewards, perks, and exciting cashback.

Let us look at the signs you’re ready for credit card upgrade.

1. If you want a better credit Limit

There are more chances of a very low credit limit if your card is old. Hence, if you have the requirement of an additional credit limit, you must consider the credit card update. With time, the credit card companies also increase the limit and it is better to use the opportunity to get an additional credit limit.

  1. If your Credit card is Old

If you don’t remember when is the last time you opted for your credit card, make the credit card up-gradation. Because if you don’t remember the year you opted for an existing card or card is old enough, then there are the chances of missing the great rewards and cashback.

3. If your spending pattern changed

The selection of credit cards is very important, according to your spending habits. The card designed for travel is not suitable for shopping and vice versa. Like this, there are cards suitable for each spending habit like shopping, travel, cashback and for recharging fuel.

4. Annual fees for credit cards

If you are still paying yearly fees for the usage of credit cards, then it is high time to upgrade your card. Now almost all credit cards are providing the credit cards without the annual fee if you are making a certain amount of transaction annually.

5. Improvement in your credit score

The credit score will affect your financial capacities. The same way if your credit scores have improved then you can get better credit cards. You can get the new credit card with additional benefits like low-interest rates and more rewards.

6. To get better rewards

When credit card service started, there were fewer benefits and rewards. But now things have changed. Now each type of credit card is concentrating on the needs and rewards of those specific activities. Hence, choose the card which suits your spending type and get a better reward with each expense.

7. If you are paying a huge rate of interest

If the interest rate of your credit card is high, you must consider the alternative options. Since there is a neck to neck fight between credit cards, it is a wise choice to take advantages of this and opt for a better card with low rates.

8. To get better customer service

Sometimes you face bad and unsatisfactory customer services. If this happening regularly, it’s better to opt for a new credit card issuer. There are many credit card companies providing excellent facilities. You can choose any of them.

9. If you are expecting a high amount of spending

If you are expecting the purchasing of the new item, which costs more, you can opt for the new card with better credit limits and rewards.

10. Signup Bonus

One of the main features of credit cards is it is offering exciting sign-up bonuses. If you get to know about such offers and it is worth taking it, then opt for the up-gradation.

To conclude, based on your requirements and spending habits, choose wisely the right card and improve your life! There are many credit cards in the Philippines, but you can get the best credit cards in walletwalk platform.

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