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Guitar Stand Buying: Factors To Consider

Author: Reyna Terrence
by Reyna Terrence
Posted: Mar 30, 2020

The guitar can be easily stowed away in a gig bag or a suitcase between the practice units, but that doesn't look good. Besides, the guitar is a beautiful piece that can also be put on display. With guitar stand, it is the most crucial accessories you should find for the guitar. With this support, you can safely place the guitar on a rack and play comfortably whenever you want. It is useful because of the guitar, which is your investment. For added convenience and security, there are different guitar stands in the market, which means you need to be careful. Here is a guitar stand buying guide.


Depending on the base quality of the material used for your guitar stand, you need to focus on the padding. Typically, the guitar will be in contact with the stand in three places: one on its side, two on the bottom, and third on near the neck. Three points are required to be padded with high-quality foam to maintain the guitar's finish for a long time. Some the companies use the plastic rather than foam to support the guitar in its location. But even plastic cannot prevent the guitar from moving around. So that the padding does not speak directly to the eye, it is provided with a varnish. So it merely adapts to the guitar stand itself. Therefore, you look for one with the foam padding to ensure the guitar is safe and healthy for a long time.


When buying the guitar stand, you need to consider the construction. All parts need to be assembled carefully to keep the guitar safe to ensure long-lasting. Although the guitar stands, the most famous brands can guarantee their perfect construction, thanks to the quality of their materials. However, you shouldn’t ignore the construction at the time of purchase.


The guitar stand is suitable for a certain flexibility. The guitar stand itself is offered in different versions, from the simple stand variant for a guitar to the multiple stands. Also, some models look decorative, and these are also correspondingly expensive.

Support height

The support height is the distance between the carcase holder and the floor. Some guitars have a socket or a cable entry on the lower body. If the support height is too small, the insertion or the socket will be damaged. Besides, if the guitar stand does not get a proper grip and can simply fall over.

Strength and stability

Many guitar stands are height adjustable. Here, the pull-out is very important, because some models lose stability and security with the pull-out. Before you buy, look carefully at the locking screws and clamps. You should make a stable impression. It is ideal if the belt is made of high-quality materials and does not get tangled.


In terms of shape and width, there are some immense differences in the hanging guitar stands. Some stands are especially suitable for a slim guitar neck. Others are ideal for a narrow headstock. It is ideal if you can match the hanging stand precisely to your own guitar.


The correct positioning of the guitar stand is crucial because a guitar should not hang above a heater or near a tiled stove. Permanent sun exposure can not only warp the material but can also provide an extreme bleaching effect.

Besides, the wall itself is very important because there are walls that are very unstable, and the bracket does not get a firm hold. Together with the guitar, it becomes too heavy and the guitar falls. Only ever use the screws and dowels that come with the wall bracket.


The bracket is essential so that the guitar has a good center of gravity. Many stands have the center of gravity far behind, and that is a good thing. However, the guitar must not tip forward or backward. Even small touches shouldn't bother the guitar.

Fit In

In order for the guitar to stand securely, the fit is very important. The guitar needs three well-secured support points. Only then is the guitar firmly in the holder and does not fall out. The body must not be too far forward. The weight then causes an inclination, and that goes until the fall.

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Author: Reyna Terrence

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