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Pros and cons of artificial intelligence

Author: Andrew Bowman
by Andrew Bowman
Posted: Mar 30, 2020

Artificial intelligence is not an imaginary future. It is here and now. AI is more than just auto-complete in our search engines, more than self-driving cars. From machine learning to robots, artificial intelligence offers us a rich array of technologies that enable machines to sense, comprehend, learn, and act.

Considering to incorporate fantastic AI opportunities into your business? Before you decide, here are some pros and cons of AI digital assets.

First off, artificial intelligence can be divided into two categories - weak (narrow) AI and strong (wide) AI.

The one existing in our world today is weak AI. It refers to teaching a computer to perform one specific task, no matter an easy one or complex. For example, a chatbot answers questions, personal assistants organize and maintain the information, Google map routes calculate different options for the most effective way, recommendation engines usher users to choose specific products and services. Thus, weak AI can outwit humanity only at a particular task, but nothing else - even much simpler things are beyond its powers.

At the opposite extreme, a much more extensive range of abilities to simulate humanlike intelligence is known as strong AI. It should be capable of behaving wisely across a variety of tasks, from driving a car to answering abstract questions. It is to replicate human cognitive skills, apply data from one field to another. Strong AI is supposed to be aware of itself as a person and experience consciousness. Strong AI is still a theory, like science fiction, but already controversial in its moral values.

A detailed review of AI advantages and disadvantages will shed light on the key factors that will lead you to a better outcome for your business.

Main Advantages of AI

AI is becoming popular among companies of all sizes. It drives dramatic transformations across various organizations and industries. So, it would be useful to get into some exciting pros of these changes.


Artificial intelligence brings about evolution by automating our day-to-day work.

Undoubtedly, machines surpass humanity in meticulous tasks. With routine tasks automated, the robots can assume work related to analyses, subtle judgments, and problem-solving.

Thus, applying artificial intelligence at work will decrease the workload, empower humans to upgrade their skills. Free from monotonous work, employees will be able to focus on the creative aspects of their jobs. Eventually, this combination of man and machine will make the world a better place.


Employing AI capabilities for dangerous tasks will reduce the risk to human well-being and safety. Artificial intelligence technologies will overcome many limitations. For example, it can help to predict wildfire threats and fight it with the help of drones. Aside from that, artificial intelligence takes part in tackling one of the primary causes of climate change - deforestation. AI systems can detect and transmit sounds of illegal logging. Modern AI-driven robotics and autonomous underwater vehicles allow access to the seabed to collect marine ecosystem data and shed new light on the variety of species.

AI-powered robots can handle radiation, so they are frequently used in the nuclear energy industry to remove pieces of debris, especially after disasters. Even if they do not eliminate the danger, robots bring great value helping to deal with a catastrophe.


To be productive, people need to have refreshment from time to time. A great reinforcement of this human weakness can be obtained with AI-powered machines.

They will not get tired, bored, or distracted. Artificial intelligence-based machines will not need a break. Once programmed for long hours, they will work 24x7.

Besides, they can take over some extra hard work and with much higher capacity.

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Author: Andrew Bowman

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