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How to Sew Without a Sewing Machine

Author: Robert Boos
by Robert Boos
Posted: Apr 14, 2020
hand sewing

Do you have that passion for sewing? You may not have a Sewing machine yet, or your fabric may need an extraordinary needle that you might not be having at the moment. Whatever the reason, you can still sew using hands.

Yes, hand sewing has been around for a long time, and we still use it today. It may be monotonous, but it is only one approach to do so. There are important stitches that you can use for this technique if you are not sure how.

Importantly, you can develop a whole garment by hand with the right needle for the fabric. It's moderate but takes care of business. Just be careful to get the right tension balance (not too tight or too loose) so your garment doesn't pull or unwind.

Here are some things to know about when you want to know how to sew without a sewing machine.

Choose your hand needle

Hand sewing needles are available in a variety of shapes and forms. As a rule, the larger the number, the smaller the needle. Better needles are used for light or fragile fabrics, while heavier needles are used for thicker fabrics.

Know how to thread the needle

Threading a hand sewing needle can be an annoying task. Some tips and deceptions can help make it less disappointing. For example, suck behind the thread to make it easier to pass through the needle. You can also cut the thread with sharp scissors.

Know how to Knot the end of the thread

Find out how to knot the finish of your hand sewing thread. With a little training, you can make an ideal knot. Place the end of the thread on your index finger and hold it with your thumb. Then, wrap the thread around your index finger several times. Next, use your thumb to move the circles of threads to the end of your index finger. The circles fold over each other as they near the end of your index finger. Last, push the loose knot as far away from the rail as possible and pull the thread at this point to tighten the knot.

To Sew the backstitch

A hand-sewn backstitch is a solid, reliable stitch. It can be used very well to retouch wrinkles and replace zippers. Here are how you do this ground stitch: First, pass the needle through the fabric where you need to start folding. Then, guide the needle back through the two layers of fabric just before the last stitch. Next, insert the needle in the main stitch back into the fabric. Follow by, passing the needle through the fabric with a similar separation that you achieved when making the main stitch. After, continue making a constant line of back stitches.

To sew basting stitches

Basting stitches are long, removable running stitches that are used regularly to sew fabric together. You often use this stitch to use a machine to sew the last crease. Usually, you do not treatment exactly where you will be sewing by machine, as you must be able to pull the stitch out easily after the process is complete.

To sew the basting stitches, first thread a hand needle and knot the thread. Then, sew through the fabric on the back, go a little apart and sew back on the right side. Next, repeat the stitch in an orderly fashion for the required separation. And last, sew a few stitches at the end of the zone you want to season.

Last note

With this technique, you can sew anything without using a sewing machine.

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