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Bringing the Fairy Garden Fun Indoors

Author: Florence Blum
by Florence Blum
Posted: Apr 02, 2020

When you hear the words "fairy garden" and "miniature garden," what do you picture? Does the image in your head include rays of warm sunlight, a clear blue sky, Visiting the Farmhouseand a gentle breeze? Outdoor fairy gardens are a little slice of paradise. But not every gardener lives in a warm, mild environment where garden fun can be had all year long. In fact, plenty of would-be gardeners live in apartment buildings, dorm rooms, or condominiums where access to outdoor space is extremely limited. In the absence of garden beds, trees, and shrubs, what’s a passionate gardener to do?

Luckily, fairy gardens and miniature gardens are perfect for small spaces. When designed with care, they fit comfortably into a container. Plus, fairies make lovely houseguests, as they are incredibly quiet, kind, and tidy. A troll may need a little training before he is ready to move into your house, but the fairies will teach him how to behave. For a home that is bustling with fairies and other magical creatures, an indoor container garden is the way to go.

All you need to create an indoor fairy garden is a little tender care and love. Add a dash of imagination, and your dreams will come to life before your eyes!

Every home is different. You will want to choose a fairy garden container or planter that matches your style. With such a wide variety of containers on the market, that will not be a problem. You can choose from quirky, silly planters with faces and personalities, or natural varieties that almost look like "real" rocks. Wide, shallow containers are ideal for Bonsai gardens and meditation gardens. You can even plant your fairy garden in a larger-than-life teacup! Fairy garden containers come in a myriad of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

If you are working with very limited space, consider planting your fairy garden in a wall planter or a glass terrarium that can hang from the ceiling. Even the smallest containers have room for a miniature plant, fairy, and an accessory. Add a sprinkle of "fairy dust" or glitter, and your tiny fairy garden will be just as magical as the largest outdoor garden.

When it comes to plants, indoor container gardens offer a grand opportunity. Have you ever wanted to grow a cactus, but the climate in your region is too cold? Do you pine over succulents or wish for a plant that would bloom brightly? Indoors, the temperature and humidity are yours to control. With the help of a bright window or a few mists of water, you can grow all sorts of plants that would otherwise be restricted from your outdoor garden. An indoor container can even be a testing lab of sorts. Try out new plants during the colder months. As the temperature climbs, you can move your containers outdoors to see how they look and grow in the fresh air.

One final favorite aspect of the indoor fairy garden: accessibility. Indoor fairy gardens can be constructed with people of any age, from small children to homebound elders. They can be enjoyed by teens and created to celebrate weddings. No matter a person’s mobility or experience with gardening, he or she can participate in the creation and care of an indoor fairy garden. Are you ready to create your indoor fairy garden? Grab a container, pick your plants, and most importantly—have fun!

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