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Florence Blum

Member since: Nov 03, 2014
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Consider Scale when Planting a Trunk Fairy Garden

The variety of designs present in miniature gardens can be mind-boggling. Some are outdoors, landscaped into the yard, and feel permanent as if these little fairy gardens bloomed up from the ground...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Sep 24, 2018
Converting Unusable Space in Your Yard into a Miniature Garden

So many of us become overwhelmed by our large lawns and do not take advantage of the unique and underutilized spaces our yards have to offer. I recently moved into a home with a large yard and I can...

Articles > Home & Garden > Landscaping Jan 09, 2016
Fairy Garden Tips for First Time Gardeners

Creating a whimsical garden for the wee folks requires imagination and creativity. Seasoned gardeners may find it quite easy to delve into the imaginary world of the fairy garden. With a bit of effort...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Sep 02, 2017
Featuring the World of Fairy Gardeners - Donna Cirinelli

When you step inside Donna Cirinelli’s fairy gardens, you are entering a unique world of beauty, curiosity, and fun. Her miniature gardens are intricate displays of both her skills as a 'green thumb...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Apr 27, 2018
Follow Your Dreams in Designing a Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is a place of beauty, peace, relaxation, and creativity. Perhaps your yard is filled with plants, fairy houses, and miniature accessories. However, a garden can be much, much more than...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Aug 16, 2018
Four Tiny Long Blooming Cuties for Your Miniature Garden

Let’s start with what most of us want in our gardens. We want flowers…lots and lots of flowers. Here is a list of my absolute favorite long blooming and compact plants for the sunny indoor or outdoor...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Sep 02, 2015
Friends from the Miniature Garden Woods

These first weeks of early spring are always my favorite time to get back into the woods. The snow has melted, the streams are babbling again, and little bits of green are popping up everywhere. The...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Apr 02, 2018
Get to Know Container Gardening and Its Advantages

Container gardeningContainer gardening, a variant of miniature gardening involves growing miniature plants and trees in containers. The containers could vary in size from as small as a tea cup to as...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Feb 25, 2015
Hot Colors in the Miniature Garden

When you hear the words "color" and "garden" together, you may be thinking to yourself, "Green, green, and even more green!" You are certainly not wrong. Miniature gardens, especially in the...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Jul 20, 2018
How to Find Inspiration for Your First Miniature Garden

The old adage is true: "you never know when inspiration will strike". Even now, I am writing this article in my truck in-between work and my yoga class. These are rare moments for self-reflection to...

Articles > Home & Garden > Landscaping Dec 03, 2015
Landscaping Ideas for Your Miniature Garden

A good landscape enhances the look of your miniature garden, and makes it more beautiful. While looking for a good landscape, the only thing you need is selecting a good design for your mini-garden...

Articles > Home & Garden > Landscaping Jan 29, 2015
Melting Away the Confusion of Selecting Miniature Plants

It often starts with a "deer in the headlights" look on her face when she steps into the greenhouse, then it quickly melts into a confused, disoriented look of concern. How am I going to choose from...

Articles > Home & Garden > Landscaping Sep 25, 2015
Miniature Dish Garden Care and Maintenance

Miniature dish or container gardens are gardens with tiny accessories, structures and living plants. They are a wonderful way to celebrate the great indoors or outdoors and enjoy the environment in a...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Aug 03, 2015
Miniature Dish Gardening Made Easy

Miniature dish gardening combines a group of plants in a decorative container to create trendy home decor that spruces up a living space with organic color, interesting textures and unique shapes...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Aug 04, 2015
Miniature Doors Are Key in Planning a Fairy or Gnome House

Whether it is real life or miniature size, a door is defined as "a hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier fixed at the entrance or within a closed space such as a building, room, or vehicle, or in the...

Articles > Home & Garden > Gardening Feb 05, 2016
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