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Get to Know Container Gardening and Its Advantages

Author: Florence Blum
by Florence Blum
Posted: Feb 25, 2015

Container gardening

Container gardening, a variant of miniature gardening involves growing miniature plants and trees in containers. The containers could vary in size from as small as a tea cup to as large as pots or tubs. Container gardening is simple and easy to do. You could choose a wide variety of species of miniature plants and trees and can create a customized garden as you like.

In this article, we'll discuss a few advantages of container gardening.


A container garden is movable

  • You could place the container garden anywhere in your house and can move it wherever you wish. You can shift the garden to different places at different points of time depending on the way you want to decorate your home, or the requirements (cool/shade or sun) of the miniature plants/trees in the container.
  • Even when you shift to a new house, you could carry your container garden along with you and place it as wherever you would like.

Occupies much less space

  • You don’t need to bother about the space as a container garden occupies much less space. You can place it on the floor, in your backyard or the corridor. If in a hanging basket you can even hang the garden from the ceiling or you can hang it on a wall indoors or outdoors.

Hobby for those with jobs with little free time

  • People who are too busy could opt for container gardening as their favorite pastime. If you feel constrained to find time because you are busy with your job then go for container gardening. Container gardening needs very little time for its maintenance – you scarcely need weeding to clean up.

More need of sprucing up

  • Unfortunately, the smaller a miniature/container garden, the more maintenance is required. In a bigger miniature garden plants have more space to grow before requiring sprucing by pruning the leaves, etc., whereas in a small container garden plants become unsightly more quickly from excess clumsy growth of the plants. Therefore, there is more need of sprucing your container garden. You can take this as an advantage, too, since this compels you to devote bit more time for your hobby and thereby recreate from your daily occupation.

Could be an educational tool for kids

Miniature gardens could be effective educational tools for different age groups of kids.

  • For early schoolers, container gardens could be introduced as specimens of plants – what they are, how they look, their color, habitat and so on.
  • Kids of these age groups get acquainted with tiny plants, which helps in developing cognitive skills such as identifying colors, the accessories used in container gardening, etc.
  • As for grown up schoolers, container gardens could be used as specimens of plants to show the kids parts of a tree and their importance, etc.
  • They could be a useful tool to develop the skill of being sensitive to the needs of plants in relation to those of human's in general and plants in particular.
  • It would help cultivate kids' interest in container gardening to pursue it as a hobby.

Can be a stress reliever

  • Container gardens help you adorn and embellish your home. They add natural colors and thus help create a relaxing ambiance, the sight of which is likely to relieve your stress.

To conclude, container gardening could be great fun and could help explore your creative potential in improvising things and create a piece of miniature gardening anew without a feel of time constraint.

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