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Buy GPS tracker device online – Make sure of these 6 factors

Author: Shubham Choudhary
by Shubham Choudhary
Posted: Apr 03, 2020

GPS tracker devices have become quite a competitive market over the past few years with a wide array of products available providing a variety of features. Since the best fit and value-for-money product is what the user is looking for, it could become quite difficult given a large number of GPS trackers available in the market. Please keep these factors in mind while differentiating between the GPS tracker devices –

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Make sure you buy an Active GPS tracker device instead of a Passive one

Active and passive GPS devices collect data in the same manner. But the main difference is that Active GPS trackers are ‘real-time’ GPS trackers. They show you the data in real-time by sending their data over a cellular network to the cloud servers. This makes Active GPS trackers the best type of GPS trackers to monitor your vehicles or assets. These types of GPS trackers also have features to set Geo-fences of areas, giving you alerts whenever the vehicle enters or exits the defined area.

On the other hand, passive GPS trackers store data inside the device SD card. In order to view the data, you have to disconnect the tracker from the vehicle and connect it to the computer using an SD card reader. Because of all these features, active GPS trackers are more expensive compared to passive GPS trackers.

Size or form factor

The size of a GPS Tracker device determines its capability to be discreetly hidden in a vehicle so that it is difficult to locate without any prior knowledge about the area where it had been installed. If the device is easily visible or located then it becomes easy to dispose of in case of any theft and considerably reduces the chances of tracking down the vehicle. Hence, a smaller and compact GPS tracking device is much more desirable and preferable.

Few other factors are as following

  • Internal / External antenna

Some trackers come with internal antenna whereas some come with an external antenna. Mostly newly launched comes with an internal antenna only. An external antenna is not recommended (even though it provides extra accuracy) because the external antenna module is visible on the rooftop and exposes the device to thieves which makes your vehicle vulnerable.

  • Lightweight

Lightweight trackers are preferred in the case of two-wheeler as there is very little space to hide a GPS tracker into a bike. One can fasten up the tracker along with bike wiring if the weight of the tracker is less.

Battery backup

Battery backup is one of the most desirable features available in a portable GPS Tracker device(Click here to buy) and varies greatly among trackers. A longer battery life enables the device to be switched on even if it is disconnected or plucked out from the vehicle it could still give out information about the location of the device for a particular period of time. The GPS device draws power from the vehicle’s power system to recharge its batteries.

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GPS tracking software (Most important)

Many GPS Trackers do not have a dedicated mobile application that makes it easier to access the services of the tracking devices. These trackers allow you to view your device’s activity by logging in on a browser but the functionalities are reduced as compared to the trackers which are linked with dedicated applications. It is advised to look for devices that are linked with a mobile application since you get a much higher degree of customizations on the app than you can on the browser.

User-friendly software can make your life a lot easier while managing your vehicles. Following are the features a GPS tracking software must have –

1 • Live GPS tracking 2 • Anti-theft alarm 3 • Graphical reports

4 • Playback driving history 5 • Ignition on/off alerts 6 • Alerts and notifications

7 • Over speeding alerts 8 • Daily stats 9 • Sharing locations with others

10 • Geo-fencing alerts 11 • Past history storage 12 • Multiple logins on same accounts

Instant Alerts

The main motive behind buying a GPS tracking device is to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle and one important functionality of any GPS system is to send instant alerts if any unwanted activity is detected. The GPS devices give you the possibility of defining safe-zones or geofences and you get instant alerts on each and every entry or exit. Enhancing the safety factor around your vehicle, alerts will also be sent if your vehicle is forcibly entered or started and you can also remotely cut off the engine’s power via the phone application.

Water Resistance (IP rating)

Damage from water could be harmful to the GPS Tracker device’s connections that are involved. Hence to prolong the life of a device you must look for a device that has been certified as water-resistant. The wiring and chipset in the circuit must be protected so invest in a device that guarantees resistance against this.


Last but not least, the cost is a major factor when it comes to selecting a GPS device. A multitude of factors including features, connection with a dedicated mobile application to access the device which influences the cost. Subsequently, consider the cost of the subscription plan that you wish to buy and the facilities bundled in that plan. Cost is a subjective topic and hence a tracker that provides the desired features and is pocket-friendly is preferred.

Before buying a tracker in India please make sure whether the service provider provides a sim card along with the tracker. Many times companies do not provide a sim card along with the tracker, due to which you might think you are getting a GPS tracking service at a very low cost but the reality it will cost you very high in the long run because of its regular data recharge.

Remote Ignition cut and other features

There are various other features which makes GPS trackers different –

  1. Remote ignition cut off facility
  2. Voice monitoring facility
  3. SOS or Panic button
  4. Certifications such as AIS-140 or ARAI

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Why choose Onelap Telematics GPS Tracker?

In a short span of time, Onelap Telematics has become one of the best-selling GPS products on Amazon India (Click here to buy). There are multiple benefits of using Onelap Telematics for your vehicles. School transport tracking, ensuring Women’s Safety, ensuring the safety of elders among others could be its many uses.

The salient features of Onelap’s GPS Tracker are:
  1. Real-time tracking of your vehicle via an application on your mobile phone.
  2. Vehicle performance statistics.
  3. Data History.
  4. Remote Engine Immobilization at your fingertips accessible from anywhere.
  5. Define Geofences or Safe zones on the map.
  6. Much more affordable than other GPS tracking solutions in the market.
Call Now +91 – 1800 103 0274 (Toll-Free No.) orDrop Whatsapp message +91 – 78272 17494 for any queries about how to choose a tracker or to book Onelap Telematics (Hardware or Software solution).To buy on Amazon : Click here

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