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Top School Learning Management Software to Consider in 2020

Author: Jitender Kumar
by Jitender Kumar
Posted: Apr 06, 2020
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School LMS software can serve as a great platform to easily send students relevant supplemental resources to enhance the education received during classroom time. Here are the top school learning management software to consider in 2020.

A school learning management software is an online platform that organizes and delivers eLearning programs, and stores and tracks student learning outcomes. Higher education institutions are increasingly adopting learning management systems to reach a wider network of students. Learning management systems enable students’ access to learning materials 24/7 so that students with full-time or part-time employment can more easily make time to pursue a degree. Additionally, in blended learning settings, a school LMS software can serve as a great platform to easily send students relevant supplemental resources to enhance the education received during classroom time.

Top 5 School Learning Management Software

CampusCare® i-Learn

Entab’s CampusCare® i-Learn is a comprehensive school learning management software that is specially designed to empower schools with better methods of teaching and provide students with enhanced ways of learning. Equipped with technologies such as virtual reality, 3D, and augmented reality, i-Learn transforms a traditional classroom into an immersive learning ecosystem. With the help of monoscopic content, 3D simulations, and models, students can effectively acquire education with this school learning management software. A huge set of exercises, quizzes, and weblinks make assessment more interesting and engaging. The company provides a free demo before you make a purchase.

Haiku Learning

Marketed as a trifecta of "harmony, simplicity, and community," Haiku tries to simplify the task of running both classrooms and schools. Cloud-based, Haiku allows educators to keep assignments, feedback, and grades online. It uses Google ed apps to essentially streamline what's been done already while also looking ahead to what's new. For example, the new trend of assessing students on standards is already integrated into the system. Haiku additionally has a prestigious roster of schools using its software, including the Sidwell Friends School, where Sasha and Malia Obama are enrolled. While the platform is typically purchased for entire schools, teachers can sign up for a free solo account that gives them five classes and 2GB of storage.


Another cloud-based school LMS software, Schoology was created in 2009 by three undergraduates at the University of Washington in St. Louis. While the software was initially just used as a note taking and sharing platform, it developed over time into a full LMS, complete with resource folders, tracking systems, and communication programs. Schoology accounts are free for parents, teachers, and students; however, a license is required if a school wants to link data from the platform with its other programs. Schoology is used by districts across the U.S., including Jefferson Public School District in Colorado, Palo Alto Unified School District in California, and Minnetonka Public Schools in Minnesota.


A free open-source learning platform, Moodle is "community driven, globally supported." Documentation, trackers and resources are all provided through Moodle. The site does not have a specific "K-12" product, however, if a teacher or administrator is tech-savvy enough, they can bend the program to their school or district's needs.


Perhaps one of the most popular LMS choices in the post-secondary world, Blackboard has created a K-12 solution, as well. Blackboard's LMS solutions in the primary and secondary space are categorized under Common Core, Innovative Learning, and Open Classroom options. These options play on the strengths of mobile devices in a classroom setting, and the company also sees mobile communication tools as a great way to keep families informed about the comings and goings in their child's school. While the Blackboard products appear to provide clear ways to share information and advice teachers, an actual tracking and documentation system doesn't seem to be at the forefront of its K-12 products.

Benefits of a School Learning Management Software

1. Organizes eLearning content in one location.

Instead of having your eLearning content spread out over different hard drives and devices, you can store all of your eLearning materials in one location. This reduces the risk of losing important data and makes it easier to create your eLearning course. Every member of your eLearning team can also access the information if you’re using a cloud-based Learning Management System, thanks to the fact that it’s all stored on the remote server. This makes Learning Management Systems a natural fit for online collaboration.

2. Provides unlimited access to eLearning materials.

Once you upload your eLearning course materials onto the LMS and publish them, your audience has unlimited access to the information they need. Even those who are on the go can login to the eLearning platform via their smartphones and tablets, so that they don’t have to wait until their next online training session to develop skills and perfect work-related tasks. This is one of the main reasons why a LMS is essential for global audiences in different time zones.

3. Easily tracks learner progress and performance.

The best Learning Management System gives you the ability to keep track of learner progress and ensure that they are meeting their performance milestones. For instance, if an online learner is not able to successfully complete an eLearning scenario, you can offer them supplemental resources to improve their performance or learning behaviors. Most Learning Management Systems feature reporting and analytics tools that also allow you to pinpoint areas of your eLearning course that may be lacking, as well as where it excels. If you discover that many of your online learners are struggling throughout a specific online lesson, for example, you can assess the eLearning content and make modifications if necessary.

4. Reduces Learning and Development costs.

School Learning Management Software gives you the power to completely do away with instructor travel costs, online training site rentals, and printed eLearning materials. Your online learners can carry out all of their training online, which means that you can save a sizable sum on your Learning and Development budget. For example, you won’t have to worry about printing out 500 manuals and booking a hotel room for your instructor, because all the information your online learners require is right in the LMS.

5. Reduces Learning and Development time.

School LMS software can even reduce online training times, thanks to the fact that it gives online learners only the information they need in a direct and organized manner. Instead of having to sit through a lengthy half-hour online training course, online learners can simply click on the online modules they need and absorb the knowledge in a fraction of the time. They can also assess their understanding by taking online exams or quizzes, participate in interactive scenarios and simulations, and watch eLearning videos that highlight complex processes or tasks.

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    school LMS software not only helps in making classes more interesting but also increases student engagement. Keep it up.

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