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Understanding the Work Environment According to Experts

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Apr 03, 2020
work environment

Understanding the Work Environment According to Experts

work environment is the psychological, social and physical life in a company that affects the work in carrying out its duties. Human life certainly can not be separated from the various environmental conditions around it, between humans and the environment there is the closest relationship.

In this case, humans will always try to adapt to various environmental conditions around them. Likewise, when carrying out work, employees become human beings who can not be separated from various conditions around the place where they work, namely the work environment. During carrying out the work, each employee will interact with various conditions that exist in the work environment.

Understanding the Work Environment According to Experts1. According to Netisemito, 1992: 25The work environment is something that is around the workers and also that affects them in carrying out the tasks that have been charged.

  1. According to Sedarmayanti, 2001: 1According to him, the overall work environment of tools and materials encountered in the surrounding environment in which a person works, his work methods and work arrangements are either individual or group.
  2. According to Sedermeyanti, 2001: 12The condition of the work environment can be called good or appropriate if humans can carry out activities in a healthy, optimal, comfortable and safe manner. The suitability of the work environment can be seen so as to result in a longer time span and further away from the unfavorable work environment environment can require labor and more time and can not support obtaining an efficient work system design.
  3. According to Bambang, 1991: 122The work environment is one of the factors that can affect the performance of an employee. An employee who is working in a work environment that supports him to work optimally will also produce good performance. And vice versa if an employee who has worked in a work environment that is inadequate or even inadequate and does not support to work optimally will make the employee concerned become lazy, get tired quickly so the performance of these employees is low.
  4. Nitisemito, 1992: 25The work environment based on the opinion of nitisemito is something that is in the environment of the workers and that influences themselves in carrying out the tasks that have been given.

Types of Work EnvironmentsBroadly speaking, the type of work environment can be divided into two, according to Sedarmayanti, 2001: 21:

1. Physical work environmentThe physical work environment is all physical form conditions that exist around the workplace that can affect employees either directly or indirectly. The physical work environment can be divided into 2 categories namely:

Work environments that are directly related to employees, such as work centers, desks, chairs and so on.Intermediate or general environment or work environment that can affect the human condition such as temperature, air circulation, humidity, noise, lighting, mechanical vibration, color, odor and many others.To be able to minimize the influence of the physical environment on employees, then for the first step you must first study humans, both about the physical and also their behavior, then used to be the basis of thinking of the appropriate physical environment.

2. Non-physical work environmentNon-physical work environment is all conditions that have occurred with regard to work relations, both in relationships with superiors or in relations with fellow colleagues and relations with subordinates.

Companies should be able to reflect the conditions that support cooperation between the levels of superiors, subordinates or who have the same status as well. The situation should be created a family atmosphere, good communication, and self-control (nitisemito, 2000: 171). Thus, the non-physical work environment is also a group of work environments that cannot be ignored.

Benefits of the Work EnvironmentAccording to opinion from Tanjung and Ishak (2003), the benefit of the work environment is creating work passion. So productivity and also work performance will increase. Meanwhile, the benefits obtained are also due to working together with people who are motivated is a job that can be completed in a timely manner. In a sense is the work completed in accordance with the correct standards and in a predetermined time scale. His work performance will be monitored by the individual concerned and also will not trigger too much supervision and high morale.

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