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Scouts Definition: History, Purpose, and Function

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Apr 03, 2020
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Scouts Definition: History, Purpose, and Function

what is meant by scouts? Praja Muda Karana or abbreviated as Scouting is an abbreviation which means Young People Who Like to Work.

Indonesian Scout movement members consist of several levels, ranging from Scout Standby, Raiser, Enforcement, and Pandega.

The following is a brief description of the levels of the Scout movement members;

Standby (7-10 years old)Builder (ages 11-15)Enforcement (aged 16-20 years)Pandega (ages 21-25 years)Whereas the understanding of the Indonesian Scout movement itself is a non-formal educational organization which is a place or place in carrying out scouting education carried out in Indonesia.Scouting activities are usually often carried out in the open, where by carrying out in the open there are some activities that are fun, interesting, healthy, directed, in accordance with the basic principles and scouting methods.

A. Understanding Scouts According to ExpertsTo better understand the Scouting Understanding, here are the opinions of experts about scouting:

Understanding Scouting according to Joko Mursitho, the understanding of Scouting is an educational process carried out outside the school environment and outside the family environment. In the education process is carried out in the form of activities that are interesting, fun, healthy, organized, directed, and practical, and carried out in the open with the basic principles and scouting methods. With the aim to shape the character of students.Understanding Scouting according to the Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia in 2014, the understanding of Scouting is an enjoyable educational process for young people, where its implementation is under the responsibility of adult members, which is usually done outside the school and family environment, with the goals, basic principles and certain educational methods.B. History of Indonesian ScoutsThe person who first spearheaded the Boy Scout or Scouting Movement was Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell or better known as Lord Baden-Powell. He was a former British soldier who from childhood loved outdoor activities.

He founded the Rover Scout organization for enforcement in 1918. The activities of the organization he founded and the guidebook he wrote, eventually gained attention from various countries, including in Indonesia.The development of the Scouting movement in Indonesia occurred in 3 periods, starting from the Dutch colonial era, the Japanese colonial era, and post-independence Indonesia.

In 1961, the Indonesian Scout Movement was born referring to the Republic of Indonesia Presidential Decree No.112 of 1961 on April 5, 1961, concerning the Assistant Committee for the Establishment of the Scout Movement.After that, this scouting organization on August 14, 1961 was officially introduced to the people of Indonesia. Where was that time not long after the President of Indonesia gave a gift through Presidential Decree Number 448 of 1961 namely the Scouts Movement Flag.

Since then, every August 14 is considered the Birthday of the Scout Movement and is celebrated every year.

C. Scout ObjectivesInstill a love of the motherland and the nationForm the character or personality and noble character of the younger generation.Instilling the love of the motherland and the nation in the young generation.Explores the potential in oneself and enhances the skills of the younger generation so that they become individuals who benefit society and the country.D. Scout FunctionIn the process of achieving the goals of Scouting activities, there are several functions of Scouting, namely;

Activities for the Young GenerationThe young generation of Indonesia needs activities that are fun and at the same time educating, so that they become better individuals. These activities must be entertaining, fun, purposeful, healthy and purposeful.Devotion For AdultsFor adults, Scouting is a task carried out with sincerity, willingness, and devotion. Through this Scouting activity adults can devote themselves voluntarily in order to achieve the goals of Scouting.Tools for Organizations and SocietyScouts have a role as a tool to meet the needs or goals of the community and Scouting organizations. The point is that each Scouting activity in the form of periodic training is an attempt to realize the goals to be achieved, both the community and the organization.E. Basic Scouting PrinciplesIn the implementation of the Scout Movement activities must be based on the following basic principles:

The process of Scouting activities is carried out using progressive interactive learning methods. The following is the method used in the Scout method:

Through the experience of the Boy Scouts honor code.Learn by doing or practice.Study in groups.Conducting challenging and educational activities.Perform a variety of outdoor activities.Skill alert system.Separate unit system for princesses and sons.Basic figures of speech.Thus a brief explanation of Understanding Scouts. Hopefully this article is useful and increases knowledge, as well as insights about Scouting.

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