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Best cities for families in Texas

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Apr 05, 2020
best cities

We all want the best for our families. Some of us would do the impossible just to make sure our loved once are well-taken care of. Where we reside can dictate many factors in our and our family’s lives. Consequently, we all try to make the best possible choice of where we settle down. If you are currently in the process of looking for a new family spot, we must mention Texas. The Lone Star State is surely one of the best places to raise a family. There are many areas and cities where you could settle down, so this choice might not be an easy one to make. That is why we are here to help. Keep on reading to learn which are the best cities for your family in Texas.

Which factors determined which areas qualify under best cities for families

Choosing cities for your loving family is a serious business. Thus, serious factors and statistics had to play a role in making this prestigious list of cities. Since we all just want the best for our families, these were our choice influencers:

  • City poverty rates
  • Median monthly housing expenses
  • Median housing income
  • Crime rates (property crime rates and violent crime rates)
  • Unemployment statistics
  • Average population age
  • Education rankings and graduation rates
  • Fluctuation in property value in the past 5 years

All these factors might seem like a slight overkill. However, as we said, choosing a place to settle in with your family is serious decision making. So, we didn’t want to miss anything that a dedicated parent would like to know about their future city where they will reside.

Texas offers these best cities for families

Now that we know what makes a city great for a family, it is time to share our favorites.


One of many benefits of moving in Houston is having the chance to put down roots in Pearland. This is one of the best areas in Huston for families to move to. Unemployment is very low. It hardly reaches 4% and therefore finding a great job opportunity isn’t very difficult. Not only are there many job openings you can apply for, but most of them are very well compensated. That is why residents of Pearland leave very comfortably. A median household earning is approximately $95000, which makes this Houston suburb one of the wealthiest in the state of Texas.


Welcome to the home of the oldest university in Texas, Southwestern University. One of the best facts about this city, besides housing this legendary university, is that home prices have shown substantial growth in the past 5 years. Some estimate that the prices have grown by up to 14%. So, not only would you live in one of the best cities for families, but you would also be making a great investment if you decide to purchase a home in this area. Still, before you decide to take out a mortgage in Texas, we must point out one very important detail. Taxes has some of the highest property taxes in the United States. Make sure you factor this into your budget calculation.


One of the reasons why this city has the honor to be on our best cities for families list is because of its great employment opportunities. Only 3.6% of people who live in Grapevine aren’t employed. Since we all know that financial stability reduces stress in our lives, this just might be a great choice for you. To top that off, housing expenses are very low. This is a great fact because many Texas suburbs are not very affordable to live in. Median monthly costs on average only come up to $1300. With a well-paid job and such low spending, you should have some cash left over to splurge on other things.


This great suberin Austin region just couldn't be left out from our best cities for families list. Living in Leander provides families peace and quiet of suburban living while being close to Austin’s downtown area. This way it is easy to benefit from both styles of living. In addition to being greatly positioned, this city has excellent schools for your kids. 96% of student graduates and most of them do it with an impressive grade average. If you want to make a great investment in your children’s future and their education, choose the best moving company and start planning your relocation to Leander.


Of course, the city with the lowest crime rates just had to be in the company of other best cities for families. This city experiences almost no violet crimes nor property crimes. If you want your kids to live on streets that are crime-free, this would be your logical choice. Since the population of this city is very young by average, this makes is a perfect place for young families to relocate to. To top everything off, unemployment rates are extremely low. Frisco is truly one of the best cities to raise a young family and advance your career at the same time.


By now you have tasted just a little of what Texas has to offer to potential newcomers with families. Of course, there are many more cities that could have easily made our list of best cities for families. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make a choice for you. Every family is unique and so are their needs. While some parents are focused on their careers, others might be more focused on their kids’ education. Either way, there are superb options that will cover everyone’s needs and likings. Relocate to the Lone Star State and see what else it has to offer. Family-friendly cities and world-famous barbeque is only the beginning.

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