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Benefits of Emotional Intelligence for Students!

Author: Navya Navvi
by Navya Navvi
Posted: Apr 09, 2020
emotional intelligen

The concept of emotional intelligence (EI) is one aspect all the top schools focus on, one of which is Sanskar Innovative school. According to researchers, EI is a consistent indicator of a person’s quality of relationship, financial success, and the satisfaction of fulfilment with their life. EI controls a person’s ability to recognize and manage emotions, and is also the foundation for self-management, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Our CBSE school in Medchal had done well to seek out EI in our students and now it is time for other schools to follow suit. So, why is EI so important? Here are five of the best reasons why schools should focus on teaching EI:

Gratifying relationships:

Developing emotional intelligence helps a student to interpret another person’s emotional state and empathise with them. This can be of huge importance for maintaining relations with people around as the student grows up. It helps them find an amicable solution during a disagreement. Students also become more adept at negotiating, as they are able to better anticipate and understand the needs of others.

A healthier state of mind:

Students who have displayed higher emotional intelligence at our boarding school in Hyderabad are able to process stressful situations in a healthier manner than those who don’t. We’ve noticed that EI perpetuates a more optimistic view of life which alleviates anxiety, regulates mood, and directly correlates to a happier outlook on life.

Improved physical health:

It is a known fact that sleep, diet, and stress levels play a major role in a person’s physical wellness. Emotional intelligence has a greater impact than any other factor. Students of our semi-residential school in Hyderabad with higher EI are able to better manage stress and that means better health. Lower stress levels lead to better eating and sleep habits, improving a person’s wellness even more.

Improved leadership skills:

A good leader is able to understand what motivates others and knows how to relate to them positively. Nobody is able to do these things better than someone with an elevated EI. A student displaying high emotional Intelligence gets better at teamwork by easily analysing the strengths and weaknesses of others. This helps them categorize people intelligently who will best complement them in any teamwork.

Greater overall success:

Emotional intelligence provides a student with mental motivators that help them eliminate habits like procrastination. It helps students be more consistent with their study habits, develop higher self-confidence, and sharpen their focus and skills that will stay with students into adulthood. Students who showed higher EI at our best CBSE school in Medchal were able to persevere towards a goal with more resiliency and overcome setbacks in life with ease which results in overall success in life.

Both emotional and cognitive intelligence is important for better academic achievements for a student. Emotional intelligence is indispensable for example for leadership skills, self-motivation, relating to social groups, and general day-to-day interaction with others. In general, a good balance of both emotional and cognitive intelligence is preferable, and both can be strengthened through a specific learning process taught at most top schools in Medchal. A student’s emotional intelligence is a more important factor in determining their success compared to intellectual intelligence in influencing their academic achievement. Students with high emotional intelligence achieve good academic achievement, think creatively and critically and also able to solve problems intelligently. Students with higher levels of emotional intelligence are able to better manage themselves and relate to others around them. This can help them develop improved self-motivation and more effective communication skills, essential skills in helping students become more confident learners. On the other hand, students who lack emotional intelligence can become less connected to school, negatively affecting performance in the classroom. For this reason, our CBSE school in Hyderabad has added EI to the curriculum, and students have already shown positive results and are ahead of the curve.

One of the main activities Sanskar Innovative school organises to develop EI is teaching students to help others, makes them feel important and shows them they’re doing something that really matters to the world. The act of volunteering for social causes teaches them to give back to their community, and they will, in turn, develop the intrinsic values that come with it. Each year we see an increase in student volunteers coming forward to help others and this inspired many more. Students don’t receive a grade or extra credit for such activities, but instead, they feel valued for their hard work and see the importance of giving back to their community. Students are a combination of their IQ and EQ. Both equally important in developing a strong, healthy individual. As educators, it is our responsibility to teach and develop the Whole Child. So, we hope this article helps you to nurture a student’s emotional intelligence, for that will not only be an asset to the student but also to our society.

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