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Check out these amazing tips that will skyrocket your Freelance Business

Author: Sahil Mittal
by Sahil Mittal
Posted: Jul 16, 2020
freelance business

With the digital revolution, freelancing has been adopted as the prime lucrative choice of thousands of aspirants. If you are among those quality professionals and looking to expand your freelance business, then following this guide you will definitely be able to skyrocket your freelance business.

Digitalization has today revolutionized the old and clumsy style of operating businesses. More and more people are getting inclined towards newer digitalized modes of working which not only provides immense flexibility, but also an effective work style in addition to outstanding benefits. Freelancing as an excellent career not only offers good pay-outs but also help you reach your dream goals.

Freelancing over the years has gained a significant market proportion. Today, whether we talk about Fashion, Interior, Graphic, MUA, or photography, professionals are more interested to adopt freelancing as a mode of earning. The room of freelancing gives the opportunity to a large number of professionals seeking to enjoy a fair and resourceful opportunity. If we explore the statistics well, we can find that India stands second in the popularity of freelancing business, next to the USA. The year 2018 witnessed a freelancing platform generating more than 40 million U.S. dollars from freelancers all around the world.

Indians have a strong reputation of being a learned population and by executing their English knowledge; they aim to break all barriers. The country has witnessed tremendous growth in the total number of freelancers working online. It offers you improved skills, a chance to rise above the dreams and win a larger resource of finances. A full-time opportunity, freelancing offers a number of insights that are worthy to be considered.

According to the latest Statista Report (Introduce world stats 1st) India is the largest market of freelancing with 10 million people involved. With a total estimation of 15 million freelancers based in both urban and rural areas, experts are of the opinion that the number can even double up until the year 2035. A significant 41 percent of the Indian freelancers have witnessed growth in the last few years, as revealed by a study by PayPal.

The workplace today has altered its physical address and has taken wings by proliferating as a full-time business. The mode of working has taken the world of the internet by storm since the past decade. A large number of individuals are switching to freelancing businesses due to finding very little time to manage the professional and social life. The freelance business, similar to any other business demands a lot of commitment and time to turn into a successful one.

Setting up a full-time career needs a few important steps and insights to be followed. Freelancing is no magic and hence a few easy tips can do wonders. Let us explore a few expert tips that can help in boosting your freelance business.

1. A niche to create

The freelance business offers the liberty to explore any niche. Hence at first, before you set up your freelancing business, it is essential to decide the niche you want to expertise on. Depending on the niche such as designing, writing, marketing and so forth, start improvising your skills and work on them. Define the strengths and weaknesses to review your stance, evaluate the highs and lows while analyzing the success and failure of the past year. You need to base your freelancing business on your top skill sets. In addition to working with your niche, work with other professionals to form groups.

2. Diversify the portfolio

Diversifying the portfolio by industry type is a lot like spreading the stock portfolio across varied kinds of investments. Build yourself an online portfolio to reach out to a large number of potential clients all around the world. With a vast number of registered users across old online marketplaces, it is time to come up with new and potential marketplaces to help you come to the limelight.

3. Join marketplaces that will help you reach out

The year 2020 is a revolutionary year and has changed a lot of marketing know-how. A wide array of businesses such as Google, Instagram has switched to a new module to paid marketing. However, a paid form of marketing will not be beneficial at all times as everyone will be bidding which would not help in targeting customers for the creativity you own. Step ahead of the game and join free promotional online marketplaces to enhance your reach and boost your business.

Here are the best websites for freelancers for you to join.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • 99Deisgns
  • Gigster
  • Zirtual and many more

4. Spell out customer’s interests

When you are serving a business, a customer is the endpoint of all. It is extremely likely that you want to prioritize your preference initially. However, let the thought go, instead understand and try to analyze the requirements that your customer has. By prioritizing their requirement, you will be able to churn out a service that serves their purpose well.

5. Seek timely delivery

Customers require your service to be submitted within a specified timeline. Define a deadline a little further than your potential date of submission and offer a pleasant surprise by delivering early. Even if they do not have a deadline, you need to work with them by defining a deadline. It will reflect your quality of being an assertive worker. As a result, you will also bag new potential customers with increased recommendations among your previous clients.

6. Charge wisely

As a freelancer, you are responsible for analysing your own value and further conveying it to the client. It is essential to charge customers depending on their spending capability. Do not overcharge a client who does not have the ability to pay that higher an amount as it will proliferate a negative name in the field. You always have the option to invest in selected clients. Seek clients that you can invest in and attain benefits for a longer time period. It will help in leveraging your online freelance business while enabling you to reach out to valuable customers.

7. Leverage your target base

The social web has outgrown and there are a few millions of data generated from the social platforms. Leverage your target base by outreaching which is an essential aspect of a successful career in freelancing. The social media hub helps you to achieve it in an effortless manner. Although it involves a lot of work including social media marketing, however, you will land up forming meaningful connections online with professionals of other businesses. This connection will land you up with references to potential customers with interest in your business.

8. Ask for referrals

Market your business by asking for referrals from the clients, both former and former. If the client has been satisfied with your work, he will guarantee you more referrals. Recent research indicates that a large number of B2B buyers start their purchase through referrals. Most of the buyers are usually influenced by their peers while making a decision. Hence, if the business gets a referral, it will slowly gain popularity with the client base slowly increasing. Alongside, motivate your dearest clients to offer referrals by sliding down incentives as a strategy.

9. Participate in online competitions

Contests can help you market your freelance business. By participating in online competitions, you are visible to a large number of online audiences involved and interested in freelancing. Participate in online competitions to present the skills you are an expert in.

10. Do not trust social media invites blindly

Social media is a hub of opportunities, offering both good and bad. It is extremely important for you to be on the lookout of a trustable client. It is advised that you do not fall for gimmicks that will exploit you for your talent and services. Ensure that you inspect the client well before offering your precious time and effort.


Offering a room full of freedom and flexibility, the world of freelance business offers a number of advantages that simply cannot be ignored. Boost your freelancing business with the help of the above-mentioned expert tips and outperform as a freelancer. Make most of the available opportunities and scale your freelance business to sustainable heights.

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