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All In One SEO: An Efficient Internet Marketing Tool for Your On-Page SEO Strategy and SEO Blog

Author: Khushi Saxena
by Khushi Saxena
Posted: Apr 20, 2020

When you think of affiliate marketing strategies or techniques you will probably have various traditional marketing strategies come to mind. You may come up with an answer that has forum marketing, link building, or maybe an email marketing campaign. What about simple on page SEO (search engine optimization) for your blog? That concept has helped hundreds of people begin seeing a better page ranking on Google and other various search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. The issue with this is that many can get by with simple click methods to accomplish tasks but are lost when they hear words such as meta title or Moz vs Semrush. There is a plugin on available on WordPress called "All In One SEO" that helps fix this problem. I would also consider this plugin to be an essential internet marketing tool to anyone who blogs or manages a SEO blog.

On page SEO consists or numerous factors and they all have varying degrees of importance. The meta title ranks first in regards to on page SEO, even more so than keywords. Using "All In One SEO" as an Internet Marketing tool is a wise decision as it is difficult to create your title tag on your own unless you are very proficient with HTML. A few tips to consider with the title tag using this plugin is that you do not want to" stuff" it with keywords and keyword phrases. If you" stuff" your title tag, it makes it difficult to read. Search engine bots are not the only ones who read your title tag, it also shows up in the browser window of whoever is on your site. Another hint is to keep your title tag under 60 characters, the search engines will only show a portion (60 characters) of your home title if you exceed 60 characters. What I do, is I type 10 x's on a notepad form, copy and paste it 5 more times without spaces (you should have 60 x's). Once I have done that I begin typing directly below the x's And that tells me if I can expand or have to shorten my title. It is actually a very easy step.

The next on page sep portion that is critical to master is the home description, or meta description. This is something that both the user and search engine bot see. The search engine bots will use this information to match up what the person is searching for. I am going to go out on a limb and think you are assuming that you need to put as many keywords as possible in this area, am I correct in my assumption? If so, you are half correct. If you are searching for something and are enticed by the title, you will read the description. Hypothetically speaking, would you click something that says "Learn On Page SEO the Correct Way"? I would, however if the title was followed with a description of "on page SEO, page ranking on Google, Internet Marketing tools, SEO blogs" I would ignore it as I would have no idea what the site is going to get into. When I set up a description I normally enter my keyword phrase followed by a colon. What I do next is enter my description in a way that allows me to finish with my keyword phrase as the end of the meta description. The challenge here is similar to that of the title tag, you have a limited number of characters you can use. You need to keep your description under 160 characters. What I would recommend you do is take the same strategy I mentioned before by placing 160 x's on a Word Document or Notepad file. To sum this up, you can and should use keywords, however you need to ensure this paragraph is written to also catch the person searching's attention.

I mentioned that meta keywords were slightly less important. Google gives very little value to keywords and phrases. One thing you have to remember is that Google is not the only search engine people use. If you wanted to satisfy Yahoo or Bing you would want to add keywords in the meta keyword section.

The three steps outlined above are very important. The remaining options you have in "All In One SEO" can actually be kept to default. If you are wondering why, that is a simple reason this plugin is such an amazing internet marketing tool and should be used on everyone attempting to create a SEO blog. This plugin is actually very important to my SEO strategy for any site I launch regardless of which niche I am attempting to penetrate.

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Khushi is a highly passionate writer, who loves creating an imaginary world with his writings. Business Development Consultant, Strategist, Blogger, Traveller, Motivational Writer & Speaker.

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