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Why Are Brides Going To Be Obsessed With Lash Extensions In 2020

Author: Women Issues
by Women Issues
Posted: Apr 26, 2020

One of the most talked-about beauty treatments in 2020 is going to be the lash extension treatment. A lot of beauty gurus are obsessed with luscious lashes, and a lot of them would rather get wispy. A customizable lash, then wear mascara or glue on lashes for every upcoming event, and daily! If you are intrigued by this. You would want to know a bit more about lash extensions, here’s everything that you need to know about them. Their application, as well as why they’re going to be so popular for the wedding season!

Brides And Lashes In 2020 Are Going To Be A Huge Trend – Why?

Brides are becoming low maintenance as the years go by. In 2020, almost everyone will crave a low maintenance outcome. Minimalistic beauty, quick & easy (as well as effortless) looks, as well as natural glam, will be the thing! Aside from this reasoning and once you focus on the beauty aspect of lash extensions, you can expect a whole lot more! Here are all the other reasons why you should get lash extensions in 2020 if you are a bride to be!

Top 5 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Are A Favorite For Many Brides 1. You Can Freely Cry With Them

Are you an emotional person? Are you planning on crying for your big wedding day? Even if you’re not planning on crying. You can never know what to expect, or where your emotions will take you. This is why it is a good idea to plan ahead and be ready for anything! Lash extensions are waterproof, as well as heatproof, cry-resistant, and very sturdy! This means that you’ll be allowed to cry during the entire ceremony, and your lashes won’t smudge or move at all! They will survive the entire day, which is not the case with your glue on lashes or mascara! Both of these will smudge, smear, as well as fall apart in a couple of hours. So better to be safe than sorry, right?

2. They Will Look Great In Photos

A lot of brides are worried about their pictures and how their makeup will hold. After all, it is your big day, right? So, how about you invest in a pair of lash extensions (they cost around $40-60 to get) but are way prettier than any other synthetic or mink glue on pair! The best part is that you can wear your lash extensions with confidence, and you can expect some amazing pictures! Lash extensions will give out an illusion of a thicker lash band (can act as an amazing substitute for your eyeliner) and will give you a cat-eye like no other lash pair can! They won’t move around, smear, smudge nor demand any touch-ups throughout the day – as your false lashes could.

3. They Will Come In Handy For Your Honeymoon Phase

Are you off to a tropical place? Thinking of going on a romantic honeymoon? If so, you will fancy a pair of lash extensions. These are amazing since they can survive heavy sun exposure, can look luscious, and can handle snorkeling, diving, as well as swimming! Once placed down and glued with a high-quality glue, these lashes will stay on for weeks! This means that you can wear them for the entire 3-4 week period until they start to shed.

If you are off to a coder destination and you’re expecting a lot of snow or rain, you’re still in the clear! Lash extensions will come in handy and will survive even extreme & cold conditions.

4. They Will Suit Any Age Group

It doesn’t really matter if you are getting married at the age of 18, or 58! Lash extensions are, literally, for everyone! They are made with faux mink, mink & synthetic materials, all of these can be worn by any age group. The only important thing is that you are not allergic to the lash glue or the material of the lash extensions. In case you’re not, you can freely get them, and wear with confidence! Lash extensions can also be customized per your preference as well as your eye shape. Just make sure you talk the process through with your lash esthetician before you end up getting them, and you two discuss your options!

5. You will want to wear them in the future

After a certain time period, your lashes will shed. This only applies to your lash extensions, your natural lashes will stay in place, and they will stay intact! This is a natural process where you’ll lose all of your false lashes around the third or fourth week. Once this happens you should book a refill. A lash refill is not mandatory, but it will allow you to experience luscious lashes even after an entire month! The best part? Lash refills are usually a lot cheaper (around half the price than the initial price point) and are a lot less time-consuming. You will get hooked onto this treatment, and you will be waking up with a flawless outcome each day, for weeks to come!

Ready For Lashes?

Even if you are not a bride-to-be, we still encourage you to get a set of lash extensions. These are high-quality lashes that will suit every lady, and that will allow you to wake up every morning looking like you’ve already applied makeup! If you want to save time early in the morning, look rested, and gain confidence – lash extension is the right treatment for you!

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