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Top Five AI And ML Plugins To Develop A Comprehensive WordPress Site

Author: Shady John
by Shady John
Posted: May 23, 2020

In the current website and app development world, these two technologies have transformed multiple businesses and industries in an exceptional way. And these are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

AI and ML are trending topics to discuss, and gone are the days when business owners considered it an afterthought. The competition is already killing, and ignoring the modern solutions and techniques might damage your website if you fail to meet the customer’s expectations. They will leave your website and never visit again. So there is no option than to keep following current trends.

We all know that website plugins have been proven to be very powerful tools when it comes to developing and managing a website. Thanks to WordPress, it provides plenty of tools to build a comprehensive website according to the client’s needs.

Hence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is not an optional thing; it’s now a must-have thing. Especially when you are using WordPress, there are many free and paid AI, ML plugins that you can download to make your site more responsive.

Wordpress is the most popular platform to build a website with several plugins that integrate machine learning and AI technologies.


If you are a web developer and working in a Custom Wordpress Development Company, you must have heard about WordLift. It is an AI-powered SEO plugin that understands the human language in order to enhance your content.

WordLift is one of the most powerful plugins for WordPress. It is a web-based tool developed to generate more website traffic. WordLift uses AI tools to process human language that will help content creators and marketers to design content more compelling, informative, and personalized.

It aims to provide information in such a way that developers can understand and also helps you in creating the site SEO-friendly. Moreover, this plugin helps you to make your content more engaging and informative.


Don’t you think it would be good to know what others think of you? And what if we tell you that one WordPress plugin that can forecast what kind of response your content generates among users. When developers choose a creative and modern approach to the work, they can make something innovative and interesting.

Hence, expert developers use Whatsonfind and inform you how creative and engaging your content is. Moreover, you can scan emotions, and it will always be good if you wish to create a piece of content that everyone will enjoy.

These days having good content on your site is important for your business. For instance, you are new to the market and developing the instacart clone app, this plugin can be really handy for you to analyze the content of your site by connecting with IBM Watson. By following this, you will get a concise idea of how your customers would react to content, which helps you to improve your blog pages.


This plugin was created to protect your comments and submission. It checks the comments and filters spammy and inappropriate comments. Later, you can cross-check the comments which were deleted by the Akismet plugin. Besides, you can see the approved number of comments of every user, and it also highlights the URL that looks malicious.

It is a widely accepted solution to protect your website from spammers. This plugin blocks the spam comments. It offers some exclusive features such as:

  • Automatically detect all the comments and filter out spam
  • Allows you to track the history of deleted comments
  • You can track the records of approved comments
  • Displays URLs in the comment section to reveal malicious links.
  • Approving comments with the help of machine learning, Akismet eliminates the irrelevant and duplicate comments on your website


    Up to some extent, you are already familiar with chatbots or have at least observed one small pop up on the right side of your computer screen when you visit any website.

    WP-Chatbot is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows website owners to add Facebook Messenger on their website. Moreover, you can share news and updates automatically to those users who have subscribed to your site.

    It will automatically build a knowledge base to respond to questions and answers. This plugin through brands remains online 24/7 and chats with users without any location barrier.

    • My Curator
    This plugin was developed with machine learning engines and helps you to find the right content for your use based on your niche. It curates the content for you that you are going to use to your WordPress site.

    It offers a wide range of features. It is a cloud-based and AI-powered curation plugin for you where you can add and modify your own input and release for your users.

  • Classifies articles based on relevancy
  • Helps you to eliminate 90% of spammy content
  • Allows you to customize RSS feed and other sources
  • Allows you to publish a curated post within a minutes
  • On the other hand, Google Alerts and RSS feeds don’t recognize and classify the content; this plugin aims to deliver content that adds value to your business and allow the efficient use of machine learning and AI.

    Last Words

    AI and ML are the necessity of any business; along with this, there are tons of extensions available in the market. However, these are very important and handy extensions recommended by web developers in the technology industry.

    30% of the web is occupied by WordPress, and it has the potential to bear the usage of multiple plugins and large portions of traffic driven by the web through a small, medium, and large scale websites. Therefore, any changes introduced in the WordPress system directly impact a huge mass of web users.

    Thus, if we implement machine learning and AI technologies in the WordPress platform by using these extensions or plugins, we can get multiple advantages quickly. You can hire or consult professional web development companies about developing smarter and engaging sites integrating modern and most advanced WordPress plugins enabled with ML & AI.

    So don't’ wait, it is the right time for you to embrace the modern technologies in your business to maximize productivity.

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    Author: Shady John

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