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New lexora led-cabinets and mirrors – now available in new bathroom style store

Author: Sergio Stone
by Sergio Stone
Posted: May 08, 2020
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It is difficult to imagine an everyday life without a mirror in your apartment. In bathroom, a mirror is necessary for shaving and brushing your teeth. Applying creams and makeup is almost impossible without a mirror. A proper mirror can also manage to increase the space in the room! Correct selection of mirrors and lighting will not only increase the room, but also ennoble, creating a chic effect.

You probably already know such "must-have" qualities of mirrors as:

  • The ability of the product to adapt to sharp temperature fluctuations and humidity;
  • Humidity is a destructive condition in relation to a mirror. And, therefore, a product must involve additional high-quality surface treatment, which extends its life;
  • The mirror must be tempered, otherwise mirror illumination is impossible, because the light source is also a heat source, which also affects the structure of the mirror.

However, these, far, not all the nuances that you should be aware of when choosing a mirror for your bathroom. The fact is that mirrors differ in shape, size and method of attachment. Therefore, you have to inspect and measure a bathroom carefully before making a purchase.

Recommendations from the world's leading designers:

  • If the main purpose of the mirror is to transmit the display, then no patterns, bulges or other applications should interfere with viewing;
  • To increase the space, you should avoid abstract compositions, such as "stars", "flowers", etc. above the vanity sink.
  • Very small bathrooms are not suitable for massive square objects. Better solution is to install a small neat mirror. In addition, a better alternative is a mirror cabinet with which will save more space.

We are proud to announce that now you are able to consider purchase models of a new LED-mirror collection from a very popular brand – Lexora. Alternatives vary in sizes from 24 up to 60 inches, which means that you are able to choose a suitable alternative for any kind of bathroom. Top rated models are – Lexora Braccian and Lexora Lesina. Both of them are available on the online store – New Bathroom Style.

All Lexora medicine cabinets are designed with a stunning modern style edges that other producers just cannot compete with. These beautiful finishes, clean lines and gentle touches can turn even the most ordinary space into a piece of art.

A purchase of Lexora medicine cabinet with mirror will equip your bathroom mirror with modern functions, such as: integrated LED light, defogger, Bluetooth speaker, touch screen buttons, integrated clock and thermometer, soft-closing, stainless steel frames and doors.

Visit New Bathroom Style for full selection of mirrors. You can also call New Bathroom Style managers to get a competent advice and accompanying during your purchase.

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