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Relax and fall asleep with relaxing sounds

Author: Ricky Mario
by Ricky Mario
Posted: Aug 19, 2014

Stress is a killer. It puts our bodies in a state of constant flight response and can be a leading cause of heart disease and stroke. This is a natural reaction to the psychological pressure that is placed upon us over time and it can make people feel overwhelmed and extremely jittery.

Not everyone can pinpoint the source of their stress, but it can be a cumulative result of a variety of factors. Some of the common symptoms of extreme stress include low self-esteem, increased heart rate, sweaty hands and anxiety.

Stress can also cause a series of breakdowns in body function and cause fatigue, indigestion, diarrhoea, loss of concentration, and insomnia. If left untreated, stress can cause panic attacks, depression, high or low blood pressure and burn out.

While people may manage their stress on their own, if left untreated it can lead to a massive cost to employers. They may experience a higher turnover, medical and legal costs and lower productivity among their staff.

Many treatments and therapies are effective for the treatment of stress. One of the main proven stress relievers is nature sounds and seeing the sights of nature. This is because we are most comfortable in our own natural surroundings in nature, even if we do not realize it. Managing stress can be as simple as listening to soothing sounds of nature such as ocean waves, birds and thunderstorms.

It has also been proven that an effective treatment of Tinitus is to listen to nature sounds. These relaxing sounds tend to direct the sufferer of Tinitus to another sound besides the ringing in their ears. This can help them to relax and finally find relief, possibly allowing them to have some of the best sleep that they have had in many years. Ocean sounds and rainforest sounds are at the primal root of our psyche and help us to feel extremely relaxed. has a variety of soundtracks recorded around the world in natural surroundings that are sure to provide anyone with stress relief. Close your eyes, put on some headphones and press play.

Listen to the relaxing sounds of Heart of Bali with birds and thunderstorms, birds of Australia’s national parks, Journey to Australia with the sounds of distinctive birds like bellbirds, and a variety of other sounds of nature. These relaxing sounds can relieve stress, treat post-traumatic stress disorder or help yourself or your baby to relax and fall asleep.

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Author: Ricky Mario

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