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3 mobile design best practices to follow in 2020

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: May 13, 2020

In the US, 96% of people own cell phones, of which 81% are smartphones. With the easy availability of mobile technology, they are increasingly browsing the web on their phones. This provides them the comfort and convenience to leisurely do their work. Researches show that in the third quarter of 2019, only mobile devices alone generated around 51.5% of the global website traffic.

Hence, mobile-optimizing the website has become crucial to attracting users. Though most people do it, it might not be enough to meet the viewers’ needs. To achieve that, here are a few mobile design best practices that ensure the website is offering best-in-class experiences. Employing a digital marketing agency having expertise in mobile web design in Santa Rosa can make sure that the entire process is easier and hassle-free.


When it comes to content and imagery, mobile devices have size constraints as they don’t have enough space to work with. On a desktop website, the content gets the space to breathe nicely. That is the reason, the information to be displayed there is segmented into sections, which makes it easier to break down and read each part without confusion.

However, for mobile, these sections require re-organizing so that it doesn’t overly increase the page length. Scaling down a desktop site may result in several arranging and alignment problems. Hence, it's essential to first strategize the best mobile user experience by minimizing the content through prioritization and then adapting it to a desktop layout.


Every business website has the main call-to-action that they want their users to complete. It can be for purchasing software, scheduling consultation, or signing up for the app. To drive people to complete this goal, the CTA button is featured in the navigation and throughout the site, especially on desktop. This is one of the primary ways to reach the gateway page, where people get converted.

However, most of the time, people overlook this button when it comes to the mobile website page. Strategizing a plan to display that button clearly and make it easily noticeable on the smartphone site is very critical. An adroit internet advertising company having extensive experience in mobile web design in Santa Rosa can do this efficiently and effectively.


On mobile, human fingers tap the buttons and links, which is very different from a precise mouse click. Hence, interactive areas should be larger to accommodate this difference. Any clickable element on a mobile device should be at least 48 pixels in height. To achieve this, buttons, form inputs, inline links, card layouts, navigation links, etc should be optimized.

This is the best technique to increase the clickable areas surrounding links so that the users do not have to struggle to tap on them. This also ensures fewer errors occur while navigating the mobile site, which minimizes potential frustration and keeps the viewer engaged. This can be perfectly executed by any company who is well versed in mobile web design in Santa Rosa.


In 2020, these strategies are mandatory for a well-optimized website, because tentatively, half the website traffic comes from mobile. It's best not to alienate these users by giving them a sub-standard experience. Employing a digital advertising agency having superior knowledge of mobile web design in Santa Rosa can help in improving the experience for the cell phone users and increase the traffic by implementing not only these but many more such strategies.

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