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A Brief Discussion on Seven Tattoo Trends of 2020

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: May 15, 2020

A wide range of trends emerge every year, and they end up influencing the aesthetic decisions that the individuals make for the coming twelve months. Even though it is highly unfair to state that the tattoo trends of 2020 will dominate all the body art choices, there is no harm in looking ahead.

Just like fashion, the tattoo trends trickled a tad bit downhill. In other words, while several new styles will enter, a few of 2019 will continue reigning supreme. You do not have to bid farewell to the minimalistic black patterns and motifs created through the stick and poke. Now isn’t that great?

For further details, please check out the given discussion right now.

  1. The last year was obsessed with minimalism, which willremain prevalent, but, bold and bright colours attained maximum recognition. Several palettes are readily available, though designs carved with pastels are believed to be best.
  2. Black in artwork, especially the pieces with thin lines and abundant space in between created a sensation. It entered the body art industry some years back but will continue prospering for a while now.
  3. A legendary tattoo artist noted a distinct shift towards colour preference, which upgraded more traditional patterns using vivacious and modern-day pigments. The blending of shades generates visually appealing results.
  4. Apart from vampire lips, smoky eyes, and matte skin, tattoos are an integral component of grunge beauty. The cryptic patterns like lotus, constellation, half moon, etc. are known for creating bold statements.
  5. Although initially a social stigma, tattoos are still intrinsic to the Korean culture. They were associated with the criminals and a way of disrespecting the religions. However, now the scenario has completely changed. Tattooing in Korea, at present, is used to rebel against the conventional notions of society.
  6. Realistic tattoo style has been around since the latter half of the twentieth century. The jaw-dropping black & grey portraits of nearly all celebrities belong to the particular genre. It also includes realistic representations of natural surroundings, just anything imaginable or surreal.
  7. Finally, yet importantly, the watercolour tattooing style is so in vogue. The present generation demands it. It looks as if the designs are dabbed in watery pastels. This style is utilised for creating all sorts of poetic and whimsical pieces. When not taken care of properly, watercolour tattoos may fade within a short period.

No matter which trends an individual end up choosing, he or she can expect an optimal outcome only by getting inked from a competent, experienced, and reliable artist. The ones offering best tattoo Surfers Paradise have acquired much popularity. They assure a painless outcome for an affordable price while adhering to the globally accepted hygiene standards.

Also, pay utmost attention towards aftercare. An etched design will last for a prolonged period without any hassle if it is allowed to heal properly. Avoid direct sun exposure and chlorinated water as much as possible. You must resist the urge to pick scabs because doing so slows down the recovery process.

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