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How to Get Historical Twitter Data of any hashtag or Keyword?

Author: Kate Finch
by Kate Finch
Posted: May 21, 2020

Twitter data has always been a valuable source of information for brands and marketers. It helps you gain access to valuable audience insights and about your followers. Leveraging these insights can help you plan effective targeted marketing strategies to expand your social media horizons.

Apart from gaining audience insights, you can also use it to perform competitor analysis and gain insights into the social media moves of your competitors.

Let’s dive into the most effective ways to access historical Twitter data for any public Twitter account.

Twitter Advanced Search

Fortunately, Twitter provides you the option to search Twitter history through Twitter advanced search. You can use the advanced search techniques, by applying specific filters, you can further customize your search results.

There are three sections to customize your search results:

  • Words: You can use this section to input keywords, hashtags, or phrases that you want to search in your Twitter history.
  • Accounts: Use this section to input the Twitter handles from which you want to search Twitter history
  • Dates: This section can help you access Twitter history from specific periods

Go to the accounts section and input your Twitter handle to search Twitter history from your account.

You can further customize search results with keywords and hashtags or time to get relevant results.


Even, if Twitter lets you access Twitter data, it certainly has its own set of limitations; this is where TrackMyHashtag comes in. It is an amazing Twitter analytics tool that can help you pull historical Twitter data for any public Twitter account.

TrackMyHashtag’s AI-driven data retrieval techniques can help you extract historical Twitter data for any hashtag, keyword @mention in an easy to navigate Excel/CSV file.

TrackMyHashtag can also help you analyze Twitter data. Our analytical dashboard can help you gain vital analytical insights while analyzing historical Twitter data. Some of the vital analytical insights that you can gain are,

  • Potential Reach
  • Potential Impressions
  • Top Contributors
  • Influencers
  • Top Tweets
  • Device Source
  • Top Media
  • Top Links
  • Most liked followers
  • Followers with maximum lists and more

Why you should analyze historical Twitter data?

Now that you are aware of the ways you can access historical Twitter data, let’s discuss why you should analyze Twitter data.

Competitor Analysis

Choosing a successful competitor from your industry to imitate is essential. Analyzing the Twitter data of your competitors can help you dissect the social media moves of your competitors. You can implement similar or improved strategies to boost your social media presence while avoiding making the same mistakes as your competitors.

To develop effective strategies

Analyzing the historical Twitter data for your brand’s social profiles can help distinguish strategies that work from the ones that don’t. You can further improve the strategies that worked and leverage it to boost engagement. You can further classify what kind of promotional measures are effective or which paid marketing channels drive conversions and increase ROI.

Run an impactful social media campaign

Accessing your Twitter data in real-time can help you monitor the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. You can make informed decisions or improvise strategies if the desired result is still out of reach.

Measure the impact of implemented strategies

Measuring the impact of implemented strategies is essential to evaluate the success or failure of your social media efforts. Even if the result is positive, it is vital to know the overall social media presence of the targeted marketing efforts.

To gain vital audience insights

Analyzing your historical Twitter data can help you gain valuable audience insights. You can identify resonating content that followers like to engage with. You can also analyze the sentiments of users towards your brands. This can help you establish better customer relations along with building an engaging and loyal follower base.

Closing Thoughts

Historical Twitter data is now an important ad inseparable part of social media marketing. Social media analytics tools can help you analyze Twitter data with ease to gain insights.

TrackMyHashtag is an amazing Twitter analytics tool that aims at proving quality Twitter archives/datasets to users in a cost-effective and easy to navigate Excel/CSV file.

Having access to these historical Twitter data can help you focus on research. It can help you plan effective social media strategies to boost your social media presence. Do give it try!

About the Author

Kate Finch is an expert content writer and SEO Executive. She contributes content to Trackmyhashtag in regards to tracking hashtag and also support in the SEO of website. She loves Art, creative designs of Arabic mehndi and playing badminton.

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