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What You Should Know About Throbbing Tooth Pain and Its Treatment?

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: May 22, 2020

This post is all about throbbing tooth pain, a sign that you may have damaged your tooth. The cavity or tooth decay leads to toothache and throbbing pain also occurs if you are having any infection in the tooth or the gums. Generally, toothaches happen due to inflammation or an infection in the tooth known as pulpitis. The soft pink pulp inside the tooth helps in keeping it alive and healthy. Tooth pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and tissues. A crack or cavity in the tooth allows germs and air inside the tooth that infects and irritates the sensitive pulp nerves, which leads to tooth pain. So, here are a few possible causes of throbbing tooth pain.

Tooth decay

Cavity or tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth pain in Springfield. It occurs when bacteria start eating through the hard enamel outer layer of your tooth. A healthy bacterium is always present in our body but excessive sugar, too many oily, and sugarcoated foods lead to bad bacteria in your mouth. This bacterium creates a plaque that sticks to your teeth and few types of bacteria are acidic that leads to cavities or holes. When you see small black, brown, or white spots on your teeth, you have tooth decay. Visit your dentist who will be repairing the hole or fix the inflamed area for stopping the throbbing pain. You may require antibiotics for clearing up the infection, a filling to patch up the cavity, and cleaning your teeth for getting rid of plaque.

Abscessed tooth

Your tooth becomes abscessed when a part or the full pulp inside the tooth becomes dead. The dead tissue creates a group of bacteria and pus known as an abscess. Tooth inflammation or infection causes an abscess. A damaged tooth also leads to a tooth abscess if quick treatment is not done and this happens when a crack or hole allows bacteria to enter into the tooth. For treatment, you can take antibiotics for killing the bacteria, root canal treatment if the abscess caused due to a cracked or decayed tooth, implantation where you need to replace the tooth with a synthetic one, cleaning and draining out the abscess or clean and treat the gums when the abscess is caused due to gum disease.

Fracture in the tooth

Your tooth is fractured when there is a split or a crack in the tooth and this happens when you bite on a hard item like ice. You get a fracture when you fall or were hit in the face or jaw with something hard. The fracture infects or irritates the nerves and pulp thereby triggering tooth pain in Springfield due to the entering of food particles, bacteria, air, and water. Visit your dentist as soon as possible and the dental team will help you in repairing the fractured tooth with a filling, a veneer, or dental glue. Depending on your injury, you may require a crown or a cap on the tooth or your dentist can suggest a root canal.

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