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How To Make Amazing Intro Videos Using The Best Youtube Intro Ideas?

Author: Jaylin Khan
by Jaylin Khan
Posted: May 19, 2020

Your YouTube channel is heavily dependent on your YouTube Intro videos, whether you are aware of the fact or not. Aided by good content, they have the ability to turn your YouTube videos into the most-watched ones and hence increase the popularity of your channel. So when I say, YouTube Intro videos can make or break your YouTube channel, trust me. Your Intro videos are going to be used time and again in your YouTube channel; hence you need to make sure they are engaging and have repeat value. So it's a mandated task while making Youtube videos that you learn how to make a video engaging and amazing enough for your YouTube Intro. Let us know how to make YouTube videos easily and talk about some amazing ideas that can work wonders for you.

Why is Intro essential for YouTube videos?

Every day around 2 billion YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of videos on the video platform. Hence it is a pretty uphill task to stand out and get noticed in that crowd. The first thing you have to make sure is you have relevant and exciting content. Otherwise, nothing is going to work. Moreover, your video needs to be captivating, attractive, and eye-catching enough to grab the audience's attention from the very first few seconds. The moment a viewer clicks on your video on YouTube, it is up to your Intro to get them hooked in and stay till the end of the video. The rest of the content will surely help, but the initial work must be solely accomplished by your Intro. This monumental task that needs to be accomplished makes Intro videos so indispensable to YouTube videos.

What goes into the making of a good YouTube Intro?

The whole concept of making a fantastic intro might appear very arduous and daunting, but with some professional help from the top Intro makers online and some unique and creative ideas, one can get started in no time. The vital aspects that need to be taken care of while making Intro videos for YouTube are briefly listed below.

  • Keep the Intro short and sweet. YouTube audiences don't have a lot of patience and hence won't want to invest a lot of time in getting initiated. Hence, try to keep it below 15 seconds.
  • Express delight and appear expressive while introducing your audience to your video. Greet them cheerfully and express delight that you have them as an audience to your video.
  • Use music snippets that set up the mood for the remainder of the video. Animations and pattern interrupt can also help gain your viewer's attention together.
  • Briefly explain what they are about to get from the rest of the video, what it’s actually about.
  • Don’t forget to mention and promote your brand while introducing the viewers to the video.

Excellent YouTube Intro Ideas that you can try

Now that we learned the best practices that need to be considered while making YouTube Intro videos for your channel let us briefly talk about the best ideas for YouTube Intro videos.

1. Distorting mirror Intro

Want to create a mysterious atmosphere while introducing your video on YouTube? The answer is the distorting mirror effect on YouTube. It projects the YouTuber in a magical mirror, thereby creating an amazing illusion. When you make an intro using this effect, the people appear in front of the distorted image, and then a few moments later, the effect disappears, and people just see regular frames. It makes viewers feel like they are approaching some object. These kinds of intros are mostly used in Science channels and add a very interesting effect on the intro content.

2. The Zoom out intro

It's a relatively simple effect but adds a certain degree of flamboyance to the Intro. Just let the intro video zoom out when it ends. You always get space in the remaining parts for adding further info, but the zooming out Intro looks very cool. You can also add an overlay and make it look even cooler. Either way, this intro idea can be played around with as per the theme of the video.

3. Same scene videography

This intro idea acts as a lifesaver for YouTubers who have appeared in numerous videos and plan to do so down the road. Those who have already revealed themselves in their videos multiple times can reap benefits from this effect. It follows quite a simple procedure where you start the video from a fixed place such as the window or the garden and then start the Intro while walking and talking your way through the topic. This effect helps you strengthen the connection between you and the viewers and shortens the virtual gap.

4. Split screens

Another engaging way of making intro videos for YouTube is by splitting the screen into 2 for showing multiple visuals simultaneously. Although it might appear too much for an intro, it is effective for video gaming YouTube channels. Gamers use one side of the screen for introducing themselves while the other side shows pre-recorded content of their gaming, where they try to showcase their gaming skills quickly.

5. Video Collage Intro

Play a quick collage of related videos in the first 5 seconds, and then you appear and introduce yourself while explaining the purpose of this video. This method cleverly draws the attention of the viewers to the content of your video as well in a matter of seconds so that they understand what they are in for within the first few seconds. Then you take over and take care of the rest. This idea is mostly factored by news channels and media channels. In case your video plans to chart across more than five stories, then a video montage intro would work best for you. Just ensure that the video montage is created effectively with snippets of all the related videos in random order.

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