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8 Steps To Obtain Money As A Influencer Using TikTok

Author: Anne Joseph
by Anne Joseph
Posted: May 24, 2020

TikTok is the leading social media application where you can create short videos and edit them online using built-in options. Anyone with acting and editing skills can become an influencer. To become an Influencer and earn money using TikTok. You need to create the right content with a large fanbase who appreciate your content. TikTok has many active users and it has become an important source for many TikTok influencers. It has become more popular among other social media platforms. More than 1.5 billion users are using TikTok and growing tremendously.

Since 2018, Americans started investing money in TikTok. Before Overcoming TikTok you need to know it and how does it work. TikTok is an application where it shows what you have shared and liked videos. When you’re account is not in private and if you uploaded a video it will be seen between the viral videos. TikTok shows the insights the video post reaches and it shares likes and other insights. The TikTok algorithm is developed in a way that user engagement increases depending upon likes and shares you receive. TikTok is an entertainment platform where you can post a video for 15 to 60 seconds and the numbers of TikTok users increasing every month. You can be an influencer on TikTok and start earning through ads for brands and its products.

Tips To Obtain Money Using TikTok?Should Create A Unique Content

There is much content on TikTok, you need to create a unique content depending upon the niche you choose. The niche should be unique and it should be used by other influencers. You should be presenting the video in a unique way, then it will be seen and shared by the users and you’re followers. We can say that 2019 was the creative year for influencers, were many influencers created a unique video and made them viral too.

Here are a few examples listed below:

@daviddobrik made the video which went viral. He created a wave using giant toothpaste which has been viral and it has insights for more than 18 million likes. Another influencer @calebcutlerhow received 6 million likes for doing surgery in banana.

Identify your Audience

First, you need to know about your targeted audience and then you need to create and post videos depending upon the audience’s taste and make them be your follower. You will gain insights after users starting liking and sharing the videos. Before creating a video you need to know for what you need to create a video on what topic you’re going to create the video.

In the beginning, female users were more than male users TikTok.But Nowadays they are more male users than female users. If you look deeper, you will notice that there are many teenagers using the app and they are many male influencers also.

How To Perceive Your Competitors

Planning to earn money on TikTok? You need to know that it is doesn’t easy to find out your competitor. Once you have fixed your targeted audience you need to check the social media influencers who are similarly. You need to check the competitor’s videos and the type of content they speak and check how much views, likes, and shares they receive. You can make a similar content or it is better to create a unique content related to the niche. You need to find the missing one in other influencers’ post and you want to work on it. Most of them are doing lip-synching video you don’t need to do the same, you can choose some quirky songs will be a different one.

You Need To Be Compatible

You need to be compatible with the video content and you need to work on the time that you need to post and you can also make a posting schedule for your videos. If you start posting a specific type of content depending upon the niche and your followers will follow your profile and you need to upload the video. To make your followers engaging you need to post about your daily routine about your lifestyle and travel. This will make you connect with the followers, with the same thoughts. @kristenhancher is the TikTok influencer who has more than 23 million followers on their TikTok. She always keeps her followers engaging by posting some different posts, not by just lip-synching which makes her make her fame glow more and increased the fan base too.

Creating Hashtag Challenges

You need to create unique videos that help you to grow as a TikTok influencer. One of the best ways to create the hashtag challenge depending upon the type of content you choose you to need to create the challenges which are different and attract the target audiences and many should participate in the challenges. If you use the challenges correctly depending upon the niche you will have an increase in the number of follower count and the reach.

How To Make An Engagement With Audience

If you make an engagement with you’re audience you can easily earn money as a TikTok influencer. You need to interact with the followers and you need to have an engagement with your audience. You need to make a live session with your followers which makes the followers interact with you. You can ask your followers about the content that you want to share. Most of the followers love to interact with the followers and interact with regularly their favorite influencers.

How To Promote TikTok videos

Just posting a TikTok video will not just help you to reach the huge followers. You should promote yourselves as a TikTok influencer using paid campaigns and social media platforms. You can add the other social media links in the TikTok and on Facebook and Instagram you can add you’re TikTok profile. @babyariel is the famous TikTok influencer who used to promote herself in her Youtube channel.

Ways To Enhance Your Post Likes and Shares

Duets are playing a major role in TikTok. It is a response to an already posted content. As discussed earlier we should focus on TikTok challenges which are trending. People went crazy on the bottle cap challenge and you can choose the trending TikTok challenges and make a duet with them.

About the Author

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns.

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Author: Anne Joseph

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