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Advantages Of Hire Electrical Service

Author: Brian Dean
by Brian Dean
Posted: May 22, 2020

Proper installation and maintenance of electricity and lighting in your homes using UK electricians gives you a guarantee of maximum benefits, along with providing the essential comfort to its owners. Many communities are still spending more light than they want and aren't receiving the service they need. Thus, we inform you about the advantages of having electricity maintenance in a neighborhood community.

Undoubtedly, the electrical installation within a residential building needs to be kept in a good state of preservation, which will ensure an adequate level of security for the occupants and will be an essential process of our electric company to set up the new ones without problems. Electronic counters or that we are able to pass the inspections established by law by an Authorized Control Body (OCA) or from municipal ITE technicians.

Trusting any specialist who can do electrical work can be quite costly if we do not select a fantastic supplier carefully.

The company we select must be certified in electrical work that performs reliable work. With written warranties and a standardized procedure of working, because a bad condition of the facilities may be the source of great danger for the whole community, something which we can afford.

But it's not only a process about the security of a fantastic setup, but its maintenance also requires equal or greater importance to prevent failures or problems and, most importantly, save on electricity by means of a system of proximity detectors, low consumption lights, with LED technology (downlight for corridors and common areas).

What difficulties can the care of electrical equipment stop?

Fire: 22 percent of building fires are the result of failures in electrical installations. We can reduce its incidence by carrying out proper maintenance or having specialists to perform adequate repairs to prevent potential failures. Most older buildings (over 30-40 years old) have installations with non-compliance with the Low Voltage Regulation (RBT), which causes overloads, short circuits, and, then, a potential fire.

Power outages: any failure generates power outages, both within our homes and in the common areas of the building. This produces discomfort and distress, like the inactivity of the lifts, video surveillance cameras from service, non-operative door entrance systems, or manual opening of garage doors.

The voltage rises and falls: that hasn't experienced voltage rises or drops in their homes. Additionally, it occurs in our building, damaging the installed electrical equipment. To protect the equipment it's necessary to place differentials. Consult with your trusted technician for information.

Prices: when the events mentioned in the preceding points happen, they entail the various costs to fix the electrical system and the harm it has caused. The energy wasted by a timer or incandescent LED systems can be reduced using a new installment of saving systems.

Advantages of getting electrical maintenance in a neighborhood community


A proper electrical and regular maintenance, we could keep the setup always controlled and expecting possible errors that lead to significant incidents, like the aforementioned, fires, cuts... Having the gear with the best conditions provides security in the electrical system, as well as providing greater functionality on the community.

Care is used to examine, review, control, repair, and clean electrical and lighting equipment. It's vital to see whether there are worn wires, broken wires, how are the lines... all to ensure the security of a community.


One error is to think that hiring electrical maintenance in a neighborhood community doesn't create any savings, but saving maintenance and trouble occurring will further increase costs. Assess the inconvenience and its price and you'll see that using this service, which could also be grouped with other maintenance, represents a fantastic saving.

Repairs, damage to homes, facilities, etc.. All these are costs that we can save time with the proper revisions. A maintenance program lengthens the life span of our gear, gives an increased performance, as well as reducing energy consumption.


it is crucial to comply with current laws (REBT) and, for this, we must have a group of electricity professionals specialized in communities that can advise us, execute the installation correctly and offer a review service to keep it functioning properly.

A written guarantee, possibility of funding, monitoring of quality standards, and appropriate management of the fantastic treatment of our customers are a number of the factors that our team provides.

Security is important and just specific personnel can meet the requirements of keeping the longest active and electrifying time in the local community. Regrettably for many communities, there are unqualified professionals or companies on the marketplace to do these tasks and you may encounter difficulties stemming from excessive savings or picking without adequate guarantees.

Lasser is an installation and maintenance firm with its corresponding endorsement in electricity, along with having just professional technicians who can counsel and carry out a fantastic electrical service specialized in communities.

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