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Saying ‘Good Bye’ to Back Pain in 15 minutes

Author: Bhupati Barman
by Bhupati Barman
Posted: May 27, 2020
back pain

Fitness experts help us beat back pain permanently with these tips and exercises. Stay tuned with us.

Is there anyone who has never been sick with back pain? The key factors are bad postures, anxiety and stress and excess weight, etc. All of these can cause more or less intense discomfort. It is estimated almost 85% of the western population has been suffering from back problems due to different causes. Obviously, these data are accentuated when the population is sedentary. Also, it happens when the population does not have healthy habits, play sports and follow any pattern of healthy eating.

To end this pain, we do not need a one-hour sports routine, much less abuse of pain relievers. It will be enough to slightly modify our routine. For example, we can get up in every hour and a half of work to stretch our legs. Besides, we can take a short break and sit down again. Another idea would be to reduce our lack of activity such as watching television. The ideal is to take advantage of day-to-day activities to walk, if you have to go buy bread or something else. We can also walk for 20 minutes every day.

If our backside hurts continuously, it is probably because of our extra kilograms in the abdominal area. If we cut the intake of fats and alcohol throughout the week, we will surely manage to lessen that abdominal perimeter. Then, our back will not suffer as much.

Exercises That Help Improve Your Back Problems:

These tips will help us improve our back pain problems a lot. But if we combine with these exercises we propose, you will feel great and you will completely end your back discomfort.

We should follow the physical exercises below after we get up or before we go to bed:

  • Knee to chest (I). On your back, feet flat on the ground and your knees bent in a pyramid. Bring one knee to your chest with your hands and the other leg would be stretched out on the floor. Hold the stretch position for 15 seconds and switch legs. We should do this exercise three times with each leg.
  • Knees to the chest (II). Same modus operandi as the previous exercise, but doing it with both knees at the same time. Repeat it three times and hold the stretch for 15 seconds.
  • Hip twist. Face up, feet flat on the floor and knees forming a pyramid. Bring your legs together, hold the upper body still (from the waist up), and bring knees in bulk to one side (this movement is facilitated by the hip). When your legs touch the ground, hold for 10 seconds. After that, bring your legs to the other side in a smooth and calm motion. It will be enough to do this exercise three times with each side.
  • The cat's posture. In a quadruped position, your back is straight and your eyes are fixed on the ground. Make sure your head, neck, and back are fully aligned. Bend your sword upwards - like a cat when it feels threatened - for 10 seconds, hold up and return to the starting position. It will suffice to do it three times.

Essential Breathing Exercises:

Finally, we will finish our routine with some breathing practice. It will help us achieve a pleasant sensation of tranquility and relaxation. At the same time, you will feel a relaxed back and generalized relief on the body. To notice all the benefits of deep breathing, follow these steps:

  • Sit up, back straight, eyes closed and mouth closed. Inhale the air through your nose and count to four.
  • Hold your breath for five seconds.
  • Respire slowly as you count to 10. Repeat the entire sequence three more times.

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