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Funniest home beauty fails

Author: Scott Jack
by Scott Jack
Posted: Jun 02, 2020
charge trimmer

People have a craving for beauty. They are in constant search for homemade ideas to look awesome. Some go way over their ability to try beauty hacks which are normally performed by experts. Especially during the times of quarantine people are trying all sorts of personal groomings at home. Needless to mention that most of these turn into some of the funniest beauty fails. Now people are posting hilarious photos of their attempts at beauty grooming all over twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Moreover a lot of beauty experts and grooming influencers have emerged online. They post instructional videos on beauty tips and personal grooming. But little do they know that many people fail miserably in imitating their instructions. What turns out eventually is a total disaster for the person trying that at home. But on the bright side it comes as a source of pure laughter for millions of netizens who see it online.

So grab your popcorn and get ready to enjoy some hilarious beauty fails

  1. Never forget to charge your trimmer:

This poor fellow decided to shave his head bald and come out with a Jason Statham look. " How difficult would it be? Just grab the trimmer, stand in front of the mirror, and work your magic hands to get a clean shaved head", he thought. But Alas, he forgot to check the remaining charge of the trimmer. He quickly gets into action. Everything goes fine. But midway when his head looks like a peculiar item with hairs remaining at the back, the charge of the trimmer goes off. Now there’s no option but to wait for the trimmer to get fully charged. This genius fellow couldn’t afford to waste this time. He grabbed his smartphone and took a nice mirror selfie and posted it online. It surely gave millions of netizens something to laugh at.

  1. Hubby needed a haircut:

So this lady thought she was doing her husband a favor. When hubby needed a haircut she decided to step in. She was confident she won’t screw her hubby’s hairstyle. She grabbed the trimmer and probably wanted to give a military haircut to her beloved. But what turned out next was far from being a military haircut. Her husband’s head turned out to be an absolute horror. Or you can simply compare this haircut to Moe from the Three Stooges. Nevertheless, the couple got a memory which will make them laugh for years to come.

  1. Creative or messed up braid?:

Girls are conscious of their hair. They love to try out new hairstyles now and then. Braids in the hair makes them look more beautiful. Creative braids are eye-catchers. Especially the heart-shaped braid looks stunning from the back. So this girl in the pic wanted to try out this heart-shaped braid at home. We can appreciate the effort. But eventually, the braid she managed to produce was not even close. It’s so entangled and messed up you won’t even know what name you can assign to this style.

  1. Halloween makeover or monster makeover?:

An expert make-over artist turned her face into a canvas. She had a Halloween makeover and transformed her face into a beautiful piece of art suitable for the occasion. But things turned ugly when other girls wanted to imitate her. Their version of this Halloween makeover didn’t turn out so well. Rather they turned their face into something which might scare the scariest of monsters. We all know Halloween parties are for having fun with friends and getting a chance to mingle. But I doubt few will be interested to mingle with these ladies for their disastrous makeover.

  1. What’s on her lips?:

This innocent girl saw the picture of an amazing sprinkle textured lip makeover. It seemed highly sensual and appealing. She thought such a look might make boys crave for kissing her lips. But you can see very well how her lips appeared after she applied the lip makeover. It was not anywhere near appealing. Rather it seemed like traces of pukes got stuck on her lips.

  1. Mascara mishap:

This pretty girl thought it would be cute if her boyfriend applied her mascara. But we all know that men will be men. Men are impatient and careless with the girly items. The guy applied mascara on her eyelashes but it can never be associated with any makeover attempt. It didn’t thicken or intensify her eyelashes as she would have expected. The black pigment of mascara scattered all around her eyelash. You can only call it a mascara mishap on the poor girl. She eventually decided that it was enough for one eye to suffer the horror. The other eye shouldn’t go down with the same mascara treatment from her boyfriend.

  1. Hair dye fail:

This girl took an attempt to highlight her hair. She wanted her hair to shine with dual color. But we can see that she doesn’t know which pattern to color her hair. What she managed to do with her hair was nothing short of a joke.

  1. Disaster Nail polish:

Nail polishes reflect the mood of the person. Girls take interest in trying different colors and patterns in their nail polishes. But first, it’s a wise idea to gain skill over the basic single color polishing technique. This girl tried the complex dual-color spiral pattern on her nails. She failed miserably to nail it. The polish came out of her nails and spread on her finger too. Nothing much to say about the inconsistent red patterns. You can understand that if it was done for a date night, then her date was messed up for sure.

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Scott Jack is Guest blogger And digital marketing expert. Also, loves music, travelling, adventure, family and friends.

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