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Laugh at Florida Man?

Author: Petar Bekarovski
by Petar Bekarovski
Posted: May 27, 2020
florida man

brandishing a buzz trim, jail blues and a jaw lash facial hair, the thin 24-year-old Floridian Brandon Hatfield inclines sideways in a moving office seat inside the St. Johns County Jail. With a warm Southern drawl and a warped grin, he says, "I recollect half of what happened … and half of what didn't."

Hatfield thinks that its difficult to isolate the reality from the fiction of what occurred the evening of Nov. 5, 2018, for a couple of reasons. That night, at a Best Western not a long way from the Fountain of Youth amusement park in St. Augustine, America's most established city, he was drinking Jack Daniel's. He's certain the bourbon prompted smoking weed, yet he's not as clear on how that prompted fentanyl, Ecstasy and whatever else wound up in his toxicology report. He recollects the remainder of the night in "power outage splatches," which have since blended in with the tales he's caught wind of himself: how he bounced into a crocodile pool at a neighborhood zoological park night-time, got bit by an American crocodile, and scarcely got away with his life — however not his Crocs shoes, which were discovered gliding in the water the following day. Next thing he knew, he was awakening "at the medical clinic shackled to a bed with my foot chewed off."

Another explanation Hatfield thinks that its difficult to isolate the "half of what occurred" from the "half of what didn't": When he woke up, he wasn't acting naturally any longer. Much as a 8-legged creature nibble changed Peter Parker into Spider-Man, that crocodile eat changed Brandon Hatfield into Florida Man. His story was being retweeted around the globe: "Florida Man Wearing Crocs Gets Bitten After Jumping Into Crocodile Exhibit at Alligator Farm."

Since Florida Man was first characterized on Twitter in 2013 as the "world's most noticeably awful superhuman," numerous men (and it's quite often men) have taken on the position. He is a man of a thousand inked faces, a droll bandit, an Internet-traffic gold mine, a savage punchline, a cherished prankster, a human disaster and, similar to some other love-abhor American mascots, the subject of prospering debate.

Most images — from planking to Tide Pods — misfire quick. Florida Man has just become more grounded. There are such huge numbers of tales about men like Hatfield that a "Florida Man Challenge" became a web sensation this March, in which a great many individuals Googled their introduction to the world dates and "Florida Man," finding a close unending rundown of genuine news features for each of the 365 days of the year:

"Florida Man march 10 Steals $300 Worth of Sex Toys While Dressed as Ninja."

"Florida man attacks victim at Wawa, later attempts to bite.."

"Florida man who allegedly threatened family with Coldplay..."

"Florida Man Ends Police Standoff For A Slice Of Pizza | WLAV.."

"florida man february 6 Tries to Pick Up Prostitute While Driving Special Needs

School Bus."

"Florida Man Drinks Goat Blood in Ritual Sacrifice, Runs for Senate."

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