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Popular Mixed Race sex doll Natasha

Author: Dionne Morris
by Dionne Morris
Posted: Jun 29, 2021
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Let’s introduce the Fat Doll, Natasha. Natasha is a gorgeous Russian young girl whose father has dual nationality. Her father is both Russian and American. When he was in his twenties, her father had moved to the United States where he got married to a beautiful woman. A few years later, the lovely girl, Natasha was born.

Natasha had a wonderful life living with a family that was full of love and care for her. A lot of people, especially her classmates and other age mates she met were eager to associate with her. She was always full of life and she made friends so easily. She was kind and simply amazing.

She also had the opportunity of enjoying the good things of life. Although she rarely made use of them, there were lots of maids at her beck and call. Through her parents, she met lots of very important people and their families. She attended the best school in her city of residence and even supported a charity foundation founded by her mother.

During the holidays, her father would take her to Russia where the relatives reside. Natasha loves traveling to Russia and she also loved taking pictures there. She wishes to become an actress in the future. She has always been interested in entertainment. She loves making others happy through her actions and she feels being an actress would help her reach more people.

She has a lot of hobbies and each of the hobbies make her happy every time. One of her hobbies include watching movies and watching how her favorite actresses behave and act. She also loves reading and writing. She has great plans to write and produce her own movies someday.

Whenever she was less busy, she loved visiting to different cities with her friends simply to have fun. They visited beaches to work on their tans and rented cottages where they had parties and prepared whatever food they liked. Apart from her family, Natasha also loved being with her friends.

Flexible joints are built in Natasha body. As a result of this, Natasha can be in a set in any position, especially the kinds of positions that even humans cannot fathom or be able to make themselves do.

According to experts, there are so many sexual positions that elicit maximum pleasure. Some of these positions require a very flexible body. With Natasha, that is made easy as a result of the flexible joints made in her body.

Natasha was also made of medical grade TPE material. This means that the body and skin is similar to that of real people; it gives a quick feedback after press. This also guarantees a wonderful feeling, the same feeling and experience as being with a real human being.

How to Use a Sex Doll?

1. Unboxing:

Inspect every details to make sure every part is in good condition when unboxing. Because a typical doll is a special product, most of companies don’t accept return when it is used.

The doll is a very expensive and a high end product, it would be a loss if the parts that make up the whole is destroyed or damaged.

In fact, damage is possible, as most of the sex dolls are manufactured in China factories. It will take some days for new parts to be flown to your location.

2. Dress up the doll:

Perhaps you could prepare some sexy clothes for her before she arrives. You can prepare any kind of clothes that you prefer to see on her. Start by warming the doll up, especially if your doll comes in the winter. The low temperature could make the doll loose and this breaks the illusion.

3. Position and play with her:

As a matter of fact, you can make the Natasha doll be in different lovemaking positions according to your preferences since you will be the active doer; after all, it is easy to understand that the doll can’t move. So, all you have to do is set up the doll in your preferred position and have fun with her.

4. Wash and clean her:

A water-based lubricant will make the doll last longer to please you. Oil-based and silicone-based lubricants aren’t only messy, but can be harmful with frequent use so it is advisable to stay clear of those if you want the doll to last very long.

Don’t buy the clothes which lose colors easily; it is hard to remove the color from the doll if the clothes’ color pollute the doll. Purchase clothes whose colors last even with much washing and drying.

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