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How Twitter marketing helps you to boost your business? How Twitter is more effective to increase le

Author: Kailashchand Khorwal
by Kailashchand Khorwal
Posted: Jun 06, 2020

As we know, Social media plays a crucial role to boost your business and help you to reach out to your customers easily. Social media platforms have different roles and different methods to advertise. In my previous posts, I explained how Facebook and Instagram help you to increase business. Please click here to see Facebook/ Instagram strategies.

Now in this article, I'll explain how Twitter helps you to increase and boost your business and what makes Twitter different from other social media platforms.

  • Discover real-time activities: Twitter gives you access to what’s going on in the world like your industry, community at that very moment. Use Twitter search to listen to the relevant conversations that are happening in real-time and jump in where you can add value. Twitter allows you to reach your audiences in something very close to real-time. Your updates are instantly posted to your Twitter feed, and anyone who checks feeds regularly also sees your Tweets immediately. This is a valuable tool for providing every single minute coverage of events, specials, or breaking developments at your business. For a business in a fast-paced industry where being the first out of the gate is an advantage, this can give you an edge in a competitive marketplace. Twitter is straightforward to use just write your post, select your photo, and upload it to the news feed. It can be operated from any device at any time.
  • Audiences: Twitter is Crucial for many businesses when their clients and customers are frequent Twitter users and likely to follow a feed. You can search your audiences by using a find friend option and it helps you to find the right audiences. If several of your high profile clients are on the site, then it will be useful to your company to use Twitter regularly. Updating your feed regularly, reply to direct messages and tweets sent to your company, and follow and comment on your client's Tweets, Twitter provides you with another means of deepening the relationship and communication opportunities between you and your major clients. Considering your current major clients are Twitter users, there is a good chance that other companies in your target demographic also use the site. Potentially, you could reach them by building a strong and highly followed Twitter account.
  • Connect with your Audiences: Twitter allows you to interact with new people outside of your personal network follow them and discover new circles that you never knew existed. Use Twitter to join, or even start, discussions with influencers and industry experts to raise your profile and build connections with people who help you to achieve your target.
  • Customer service and feedback: Twitter is a social media platform as valuable as a communication tool as it is a broadcasting tool. By using Twitter you can send a message straight to your audience, your email list or website works to get content delivered. Twitter provides a public forum to communicate between multiple parties, allowing you to get instant feedback from customers and potential clients. Communication on Twitter is open for everyone, it encourages openness and accountability in communications. Companies that consistently updating their products and service will gain more solid customer faith in the company brand. Twitter communications also reach a large community very quickly in a short time. The Twitter business accepts feedback and multiple responses very quickly from consumers. People often talk about the products they use on Twitter, so it’s a natural place to provide customer service. In fact, 85% of Twitter users said that it's important that businesses provide customer support on Twitter.
  • Brand Awareness: As we know social media platforms are the best way to promote your products and services. Twitter is the best to do brand awareness for your products because twitter provides real-time feedback and response. To reach large audiences promoting post, products, and services are the best way. Increase your impact by using Twitter to regularly communicate with your followers and attract new followers.
  • Drive traffic to your website: To increase conversion and to increase the rank of your website twitter is the best social media platform. If you sell your products or services directly through your website, and if you want to increase traffic on your website, then by using twitter blogs and posts you can generate traffic easily. Twitter will be an effective tool in your kit of traffic driving methods, both by making the site link present in the Twitter universe and by your content. If you've made a valuable content that is worth Tweeting about, such as the addition of a new product or service, using Twitter will help deliver bursts of traffic following that content.

If you are looking for B2B bonding or for instant feedback then Twitter is the best option. If the website leads or traffic is important for you then again Twitter is the best option to promote your products and services.

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I am a Digital Marketing Expert. I write blogs on topics related to digital marketing to create awareness about the topics among more people. I have 3 years of experience in this field and I have my own digital marketing blog site.

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