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How to work with a Singapore Mortgage Advisory Broker for your housing mortgage loan

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Jun 01, 2020
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How to work with a Singapore Mortgage Advisory Broker for your housing mortgage loan

Singapore is a good location for residential property investments. There are many good investment options all around the nation and the best ones are near the city centre where land is limited and you will expect that the property prices will keep going up.

Singapore is also a small nation with very little land so the amount of property that can be built on this small nation is very limited to just that few in the city centre. With lesser and lesser space to build on the only way prices will go is upwards. Singapore is also developing and growing in wealth so we will expect to see Singaporeans getting wealthier as time goes by and will want to get better living conditions through the purchase of better housing such as those near the city centre or in the core city centre locations.

If you are someone who is in love with investing and you are someone who invest in Singapore, you need to know that there are a few components that makes a difference in terms of your investment returns. Firstly there is this portion of the price you got your property for. The lower the price you buy for and the higher you sell, the more profits. But one of the main thing that most people do not really bother with but makes a material and big difference is the mortgage loan rates. Most people do not use their own cash when it comes to buying a property. They pay for the down payment and take a bank loan that will cover close to 80% of the property.

Using other people’s money in investment terms will mean that they can make a better investment return on the cash that they have. Mortgage rates were close to 2% back then and have been moving to as low as 1.1% for some banks in Singapore. With such low rates, you save close to a few thousand dollars if the quantum is high and this means a bulk of savings compared to other people who do not take the initiative to cut down on their interest rates and translate that savings into potential income and using it to buy more property that will generate more income for themselves.

That is where the Singapore Mortgage Advisory Broker comes in to help you and also provide you with the advice and assist you to find the lowest rates in the country. Other than getting the best rates, you also do not need to handle the administrative work that comes with it. It helps you to focus on doing your own thing and the fact is that the Singapore Mortgage Advisory Broker does not cost you anything because the banks will pay the referral fee directly to the broker himself and you will just enjoy the benefits of having someone running a refinancing job for you.

If you are keen and need help you should contact one today to save yourself time and money on your property investments.

Thank you for your interest and reading our article on "How to work with a Singapore Mortgage Advisory Broker for your housing mortgage loan".

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