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Mobile Back Cover Printing Munirka Delhi NCR India

Author: Suresh Kumar
by Suresh Kumar
Posted: Jun 05, 2020
Mobile Back Cover Printing

Get print your own photo mobile back cover and gift to your good well wisher Friend, Mother and Father Etc.

Passion Having Mobile Back Cover Printing

When it comes to photo print on your mobile back cover, some people think that it may damage your device, but be sure that there is no any impact, Printing method that applied is known as UV Print and Vacum Sublimation printing process also known as 3D sublimation printing.

Both processes are different from each other but result come awesome on mobile back cover printing.

Now there are very advanced printing technologies you can get print in 3D sublimation printing method. It can be applied on any angle printing as well as-required brand mobile color.

The longevity of Mobile Back Cover Printing

Don’t be fear, your mobile cover always remains as you wish to see it till it’s life. Basically, the mobile cover is made of polycarbonate sheet that is very hard, not breakable and sublimation printing is permanent fixing.

UV printing is a curving ink it’s a very amazing print process, no any smell 100% Eco-friendly and permanent long long lasting ink.

There are the various brand you can get a photo printed mobile covers


Gift Item printers in Munirka Delhi NCR India.

Material Required for Mobile Back Cover PrintingMobile Back Cover Printing
  1. Sublimation Paper
  2. 3D Sublimation Printing Machine
  3. Thermal Tape
  4. Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink
  5. Ceasor
  6. Mobile Cover Die
  7. Mobile Cover

These are the basic elements required for it. Getting after a reverse print, it is paster on to mobile cover (made of polycarbonate) with taped thermal tape tighty

3D sublimation printing concept is based on vacuum + sublimation + heat transfer process, 3D sublimation printing machines applied for flatbed, cylindrical, oval, curved edges objects just like a plate, mobile cover, marble stone, mug, sipper bottle, etc.

  1. How Does 3D Sublimation Printing Machine Works?
  2. In this process, first of all, printing artwork is printed on sublimation paper and then wrapped on the printing object with the help of thermal tape.
  3. Object to be printed is placed inside the sublimation printing machine
  4. Inside printing machine air is vacuumed properly
  5. The machine is heated till the color curved temperature 300-350 degree and maintain the same temperature in 9-10 minute.
  6. After curving ink properly on the object, The heater has to be switched off and wait till it cooldowns, you will find your customized object is ready with 3D Sublimation Printing

Get print ceramic plate 3d sublimation

3D Sublimation Printing Materials

Any substance polyester coated can be printed, some of them are given below.

  1. Cup
  2. Plate
  3. Sipper Bottle
  4. Photo on Marble
The advantage of 3D Printing Machine

Sublimation printing is done through 3D printing on mobile cover, plate, and cup, ceramic any type of curved, etc. The area you want to print is mostly nit flat, Yet can be printed easily through this process.

The Disadvantage of 3D Sublimation

Sublimation Printable Ceramic Plate is another high in demand product in The Sublimation Bank Product list. We are offering a wide range of sublimation ceramic plates as designer plates, golden rim plates, silver rim plates, etc

Gifting this item for someone’s honoring or using it as a Branding product such as Customized Ceramic Plate is amazing decision in itself as after printing your happy moments with your loved ones or Brand name on such a beautiful object it gives a very classy and a glossy finish.

While you cherish the end result of the sublimated Ceramic plate your loved ones or your customers will also not forget it because of its Classy and Glossy look.

If you want to get your memories sublimated on Ceramic Plates to gift it to someone and to make them feel special, then you can always go for this option.

But before getting sublimation done on your Ceramic plate there are few suggestion that we would like to share with you:

The sublimation process is done very precisely with help of machines and manual work.

Therefore, we need to keep various things in our mind to print through sublimation like

  • What kind of object it is?
  • How we will set your design printed paper to the object?

This typically involves the use of a digital printer to produce images on sublimation transfer paper with sublimation ink.

The sublimation paper is then placed into a heat press with the material and exposed to high temperatures of high degrees.

This is when the ink and transfer material turn from solid to gas. Once they are in a gas state, they permeate the fibers of the material.

When the heat is removed from the transfer paper and substrate, the ink that has permeated the fibers solidifies and is locked permanently into place by the transfer material.

Not only does the heat release the gas from the sublimation ink, but it opens the pores of the material you are transferring the image to.

Once the pressure and heat are released, the sublimation ink returns to its solid state and trap the ink inside.

Now this all done easily on objects with plain and cylindrical objects such as T-shirt, books mugs, etc

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